17 Parenting Styles in Indonesia – Characteristics

Parenting can be defined as how parents raise their children. Parenting will sure affect the growth and development of the children, especially in the early ages. There are a lot of parenting styles. Some are different than the other, but all with the same purpose to educate and give the best care for their children. Read about 17 Parenting Styles in Indonesia to now which style is the most suitable for you:

  1. Positive Parenting

Parents give unconditional support for children. Parents support what the children want: their interest, developing their potential, and guiding them towards what they want. Positive parenting is about supporting by guiding, brainstorming, help children make choices with the awareness of the consequences.

  1. Authoritative Parenting

Authoritative parenting is one of the most common parenting styles. It is when parents have high expectations towards their children. These expectations also come with support as well. This parenting style requires open communication between the parents and children. Children become more aware of discipline and the rules as well as given the freedom of choice.

  1. Intuitive Parentinghttp://www.ruangfreelance.com/lowongan-pekerjaan/

Intuitive Parenting is also known as attachment parenting. The aim is to strengthen the bond between parents and children. By attaching theirselves with their children, parents will be able to understand their children better, then can be faster in fulfilling the children’s needs.

  1. Unconditional Parenting

Also known as conscious parenting. Unconditional prenting is when children are treated unconditionally positive doesn’t matter how they behave or says. Children feel more valued regardless of their behaviour.

  1. Spiritual Parenting

Spiritual parenting is different from religious or cultural parenting. It is quiet the opposite. In this parenting style, parents respect each child’s individuality to develop his or her own beliefs. It is said to be the best way to raise highly aware and conscious children.

  1. Nurturant Parenting

Nurturant parenting is also known as slow parenting. Not slow as in speed, but rather focusing in the process not the result. Quality over quantity and exploring real connections. This parenting style gives children space to find their own interest and grow to the people they are meant to be.

  1. Authoritarian Parenting

Authoritarian parenting is different from authoritative parenting. Both is when parents have high expectations or demands towards their children, but authoritarian parenting gives low support and warmth. This style is showed by strict family rules, harshness, punishment discipline, and low to no parent child discussions.

  1. Permissive Parenting

Parents are responsive but not demanding. Just the opposite of authoritarian parenting style. Parents usually refuses to demand or expect something from their child because they are afraid to upset their child. Children will feel the freedom without consequences, but it is actually an unhealthy parenting style. There are no boundary between parents and children, and it is said to will affect the behaviour of the children in the future.

  1. Neglectful Parenting

It is when parents are uninvolved in the children’s life. Neglectful parenting style is characterized by low expecations and low parental responsiveness. Parents are usually distant with their children. This parenting style can be found for parents who are too busy with work. Neglectful parenting is proven to have a negative effect on the children.

  1. Overparenting

Overparenting is the exact opposite of neglectful parenting. Also known as helicopter parenting, parents keep their distance too close to their children to make sure no harm. It is driven from the afraid of losing. But it comes off as distrusting their children. Parents control the children too tightly leaving no space for the children to grow on their own.

  1. Narcissistic Parenting

Narcissistic parents are characterized by the crave for recognition. Maybe they couldn’t achieve that, so they drive their children to succeed and excel them as it becomes a parameter of their accomplishment. Parents supports their children to follow their footsteps. It is commonly found when parents who are doctors want their children to be doctors too. Usually children raised with this style of parenting have low space to find their own interest.

  1. Toxic Parenting

Toxic parenting is just simply a poor parenting style. It has a wide range of category to physical and emotional abuse. It directly affect the child’s self esteem. In most cases of toxic parenting, children develops a thought that blames themselves. Toxic parenting causes children to struggle especially emotionally.

  1. Liberal Parenting

Liberal parenting is found in parents who give limited freedom to their children. Freedom for the children to express and develop their interests and to grow, but limited by ground rules. The ground rules are the outcome of parent-children discussion. Children will grow a sense of freedom but also responsibility.

  1. Cultural Parenting

Cultural parenting is when parents raise their child based on the culture of their family. It is usually found in families who are raised in a traditional culture way. This parenting style is commonly found in Indonesia, because Indonesia has various cultures each with different culture in raising children. There are ceremonies or certain events in the process of raising children, each with their own philosophies.

  1. Religious Parenting

Religious parenting is when parents are strictly applying all the religious dogma in raising their children. It is similar to the cultural parenting. Religious parenting is also common to be found in Indonesia. For example Islam, the major religion in Indonesia. In Islam there is certain rules or ways that children are raised. Different rules and ways may be found in other religions.

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  1. Compare Parenting

This style can be found in families with more than one child. Parents raise their child with the way of comparing one child with the other. This is a strategy to motivate one another. Even so, there can be a thought that one child is more favored than the other.

  1. Mixed Style

Yes, it is possible to apply more than one style of parenting. Because in the process of raising children, things will not always be the same. Some may be contradict with the others, but there are some styles that are compatible to be applied altogether.

Those are all parenting styles in Indonesia that you must know to be adapted easily with Indonesian style of giving an family education.