15 Cultural Activities in Bali You Must See

Talking about cultural things here, Bali have so many of them. They do it almost everyday in life. The cultural things like dances, and habits make them more special than the others. However, there’s also one of them, the cultural activities of Bali. Well, they’re outstanding, really gorgeous, beautiful and so special.

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The island has more of exciting activities to either watch, or do if you dare. Meanwhile, we pick some of the religious activities too, because Bali is very religious island. Almost all of the activities devoted in the name of history and religion. Therefore, studying a little bit about its religious activities won’t hurt.  Okay, before making this article too long to read, better go to the first one

1. Balinese Gamelan

Not only Java which has the Gamelan little orchestra, but Bali also have one. Just like Java’s, the gamelan in Bali uses all the instruments like gong, and the others. However, the people add something in there. They add an instrument called Rindik. The Rindik is a special one, only can be found in here, now let us tell you a little about it.

The Rindik made of bamboo, with “slendro” note in it. Slendro is one of notes in Indonesian musical note, it’s traditional.  Well, they usually playing this in certain ceremonies, like wedding for example. This typical instrument also can be played by two or fur people, so everyone can enjoy it all at once.

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2. Pandan War

Hmm, if you think this is just some lousy hitting someone with leaf, you’re wrong.  In the Tenganan Village, people held this gladiator-like ritual. The ritual involves many men. While wearing a leaf made shield, they try to duel someone in a little arena with pandan leaves in their hand.

This is looks very epic though, gruesome in some point, but wow. You know, when watching it directly before your eyes, the battle seems very interactive, full of spirits within the man fighting and the men that surround them. Well, this one really worth watching.

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3. Cutting Teeth

Brushing teeth is a little too mainstream for you? don’t worry. We have something that’ll blow your cute little mind. This activity involving your teeth, and little knife to cute them. No, they won’t cut all of your teeth, they only make them neater. For the sake of spiritual and health.

Now, the teeth that will be cut are only 6 of them all. The teeth in the upper area. The 4 incisors and the 2 canine teeth. Usually, they’ll do the ritual for the men and women whose already steeping out to the adulthood. There’s nothing to be scared of, they’ll do it with perfect comfort and caution.

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4. The ceremony of Death, Ngaben

Now maybe some of you already knew about this specific ritual. Ngaben in Bali is the ritual of death in Bali, The Ngaben Ceremony. For some people, they’ll bury or burn the dead. However in Bali, they also do the burning, but with special method.

The situation around is very sad. Either for family, relatives, or the guests. This is like the peak of what Balinese people do in their life. Starting from birthing ritual, wedding, and comes the last part of Ngaben Ceremony. It’s a grieve yet dramatic moment in life.

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5. Mesaiban

This ritual is only done by moms in Bali. AS the mother, they have duty of protecting the family and provide them with healthy and nutritious foods to support the family members. Once completed it, they musr say “thanks” to the God almighty.

They usually did it in the morning, after preparing meals for father and children. But beside the purpose of saying gratitude to God, another thing of why they do it is to prevent the Foul spirits to distract them and create a misfortune for the family.

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6. Ngejot

Ngejot is more like a habit that rooted in everyday’s life. They believe in karma, and Ngejot is almost has the same meaning as Karma. Giving someone a good thing, and one day a fortune will come to you unexpectedly. That’s why, many Balinese so care and kind to each other.

Because, if you giving the bad thing to some people, the Karma will work. All the bad things will come to some body that gave them in the first place. So with that attitude, no wonder Bali’s safer than other areas in Indonesia, because they really believe in Karma.

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7. Doing Kharma Phala

Now Kharma Pala has the same meaning like the above “activity”, Ngejot. But, Ngejot is involving “Karma” in the form of giving. Giving something to get something. However, Kharma Phala is like the Karma itself, all the things in humans life that will give you something based on your actions.

Yep, the Kharma Phala include all the acts, not just giving. The way to say, the way to work, the way to communicate, all the aspects in our life are included in this Kharma Phala. You’ll get something nice in the end, if you did well on your life.

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8. Kecak Dance in Bali

Who doesn’t know this epic dance. This special dance is already famous in the world’s eyes. Well, of course they do because this dance is only can be found in here Indonesia, not in somewhere else. This dance involves many people, and couple dancers.

Then, they start to dance, telling the audiences the epic story of Ramayana. If you happen to didn’t know about it, well you must start to read it. The story’s already well told, plus the enchant of the people makes the story more epic in the stage.

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9. Wedding Rituals

This is the ritual many couples waiting for, the wedding ritual. The most important aspect in this ritual is saying gratitude to the God almighty that already made the couple met in several places, in several chances, to finally become together in the ties of family.

Well, the wedding rituals in Bali are pretty  long, but also very exciting because they also use arts in all of them. There are five rituals needed to be done. They all very great, very artistic and have a high level of arts. Also, you’re lucky if you’re involved in the rituals.

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10. Ogoh-ogoh

This one is very fun. Believe me, if you haven’t watched it directly, well pity. But don’t worry, you can see them in Youtube videos if you want, but the feeling is of course not the same. Far from it actually. This ogoh-ogoh thing is actually the name for the paper made statues that people carry.

The ogoh-ogoh come with different forms, but they usually made them to resemble the bad spirits. Like red giant creature or something.  After carrying for some times, they’ll burn the statues. Hoping that the bad spirits will not come to their life again.

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11. Bali Culture Festival

If you so excited about Balinese cultures, well this is your perfect chance. Because, once a year the held this unique festival called Pesta Kesenian Bali, which means Bali Cultural Festival. In this festival there are many to watch, many to learn about the cultures that exist in Bali.

So if you curious about something, you can learn the thing right on the spot. All the things you’ve always wanted are available in this exact location. Well, if you go to the Bali, better check your schedule, maybe you can come right on time.

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12. Bali Kite Festival

Beside Culture Festival, Bali also has another fun festival called The Kite Festival. The festival involves many kite artist all around the archipelago. Starting from kids to the adults, all of them playing their own kites in harmony. The sky is suddenly full with colourful kites.

You can find many kinds of kites in here, including the foreign one. But they usually make them original as possible, keeping the culture as it best. So, there are lots of traditional kites in here. Better shot them with your camera!

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13. Nyepi

Well, if you come to Bali when Nyepi happens, you’re very unlucky. If you have the goal to enjoy all the attractions though, because most of them closed, and will open again the day after. So, you can’t do anything special until tomorrow comes.

However, for you really love the quiet and calm atmosphere, then enjoy it. This is the perfect calm situation, where you can’t find people on the streets, they’re at their home, just not doing anyhting that connect to the world. Also, no entertainment. So, keep quiet!

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14. Omed-omedan

Well, who doesn’t love kissing. For some couples, that’s the perfect moment. But what if, there’s tradition that embrace the teenagers to kissing. This is what happens in here, Banjar Kaja. They make the teenage man and teenage woman kissing.

The moment’s somewhat funny and exciting. All the ladies are somewhat “refuse” the man. Not all of them of course, only some. You can see the fear in their face, knowing the man not as handsome as expected.

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15. The War of Fire

We’ve talked about the Pandan war, which already so brutal and full of blood. But here’s another activity for you. The activity of bravery and craziness. Yep, it’s the fire war, war using the fire elements, but only applied on leaves as the weapons.

Well, the battle ground looks creepy enough, You can’t see anything except glowing fires and fogs. Just those, and the people chants. Very realistic doesn’t it? Having position in the middle of it is very epic, but very dangerous.

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Okay, the war of fire covers our meeting today. Those activities in Bali are very exciting either to watch, or do. Make your own choice, you dare to do it? That’s it, have a really good time!