The History of Singaraja Bali – Folklore- Development

Singaraja is the capital of the district of Buleleng, Bali, Indonesia. The area is 27.98 km² with population of 80,500 people. The population density is about 2877 people / km². It is the second largest city after Denpasar. This is because the progress of various sectors in Singaraja can almost rival Denpasar. The shops, diverse […]

History of Islamic Finance in Indonesia

According to the history of Islamic banking in Indonesia, the establishment of a sharia-based bank is sought more by Muslim professional groups that are more practice oriented. But in financial theory in general there is no agreement among academics. The professional group feels it is not necessary to wait for the development of the theory […]

History of Journalism in Indonesia

There is almost no day left without reading, listening, and seeing news from the mass media. Both print, electronic and new media, social media. We can receive all the news and information thanks to the services of journalists or journalists who summarize events around the world and present them to us. Because of the existence […]

History of 10 November in Indonesia

November 10 is celebrated as the day of heroes in Indonesia. On this date, all students and civil servants are required to perform a hero day ceremony in the morning. Regular ceremonies are held in their respective agencies. In addition to the ceremony, many events to commemorate the hero’s day. For example the development march […]

History of Nursing in Indonesia

Nursing is a form of healthcare professional that is an integral part of health services based on the science and ethics of nursing. Nursing as an integral part of health services, also determine determine the quality of health services. The total nursing force dominates existing health personnel, where nursing provides a unique contribution to the […]

History of Migration in Indonesia

Migration seems to have been a part of human tradition since antiquity. If a nation comes the arrival of another stronger nation they are urged, become extinct, or go seek new homes. So a nation that inhabits a region is a nation that urges other nations ahead of them. The former nation first urged the […]

History of Textile in Indonesia

Clothing is one of the basic human needs. Once the importance of clothing in human life so that its function continues to grow in harmony with human life itself. From just protecting the body then shifted along with the influence of culture, function and fashion. See also how to dress in Lombok The evolution of […]

History of Technology in Indonesia

The development of communications technology is now widespread and can not be limited. Along with these developments more and more people are forgetting the old history. How is the communication process in our beloved country is long ago before any phone or SMS. Of course we imagine how busy and duration they have to communicate […]

History of Train in Indonesia

Trains are one of the modes of transportation that people choose. In addition to its fairly affordable tariffs, trains can take passengers with a faster duration of time than any other ground transportation. Read also Airports in Java Island Trains are widely used as transportation options for Indonesians, especially in Java. Train has been operating […]

Brief History of Trade in Indonesia

Trade is a buying and selling transaction of goods between the seller and the buyer somewhere. Trade transactions may arise in the event of a meeting between supply and demand for the desired good. Trade is also a specific activity, because it involves a series of goods production and distribution activities. See also History of […]