History of Chinese in Indonesia

Indonesia is most famous for being a heaven for plurality. A place where you can find any kind of skin, tribe and descendants. Chinese descent is one of the ethnicity you can find in Indonesia. Locally, Chinese descendants is known as Tionghoa-Indonesia or Chinese Indonesians in English. Based on the population census held in 2010 by the government of […]

Surabaya War 10 November 1945 (Battle of Surabaya)

Surabaya War, commonly known as The battle of Surabaya, occurred on 10 November 1945 in Surabaya. It is considered as one of the historical moments in the history of Indonesia. This battle is not only considered as one of the biggest battles in Indonesian history but it’s also considered as turning point for the Dutch […]

Indonesian Literature – History – Period – Development

As general, literature means artistic creation in written or oral. Not every single written works has to be announced as literature, but it has specific characteristic, such as: The content describes humanity including the issues. Using beautiful languanges in proper terms. Have an attractive presentation and good impression. See also :  Indonesian Etiquette Indonesian Landmarks Indonesian […]

History of Jakarta Indonesia – Development and Growth

The city of Jakarta begin as a tiny port on the Ciliwung River nearly 5 century ago. As the centuries went by, the port city grew into a renowned international trade center. Early information on Jakarta has been discovered, through in tiny pieces, through the many stone tablets that had been buried deep in and […]

Top 40 Indonesian Heroes List and Heroines – Most Inspiring

As we all know, Indonesia is a very rich country. Not only rich in cultures, but also rich in natural resources, such as gold, oil, pearls, coal, along with fertile soils which produce the best quality of spices, essential oil, and other agricultural plants. Overview At the beginning, Europeans wanted to buy cheap spices from […]

Indonesian Language – Bahasa – History – Meaning

Indonesia is the fourth country with the largest population in the world.  So that Indonesia has the highest amount of languages are practiced. Indonesian refers to the official language of Indonesia. Commonly known as Bahasa Indonesia. Indonesia language is a member of the Malay-Polynesian branch of the Austronesian language family along with Malaysia and Philippines. Bahasa Indonesia is a standardized […]

Flag of Indonesia – 30+ Facts – History and Unrevealed Stories

Flag is the symbol of Greatness, and the sovereignty of a territory or country. Flag also reflects a symbol or emblem which is necessary to have. On October 28, 1928 for the first time, red and white flag was hoisted as the national flag in the Indonesian Youth Congress in Jakarta. Since then, red and white national flag […]