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10 Top Indonesian Art Gallery – (#6 is Famous)

by Felicia
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Indonesia is a country that is influenced by many unique cultures. The influences of Dutch and Portuguese colonialism as well Chinese and Indian immigration mixed with local culture and formed a rich culture.

This rich culture becomes a unique component of the artwork that can be found in Indonesia. And to be able to enjoy the art work of Indonesian artists, art lovers can see the beauty of artwork in several art galleries that are located in some cities in Indonesia. And here we will discuss about 10 famous art galleries in Indonesia

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1.Five Art Studio

One of Indonesian Art Gallery is Five Art Studio. Five Art Studio is an art gallery featuring Balinese traditional art and craft that are coming from local artists.

This art gallery is uniquely built with a traditional Balinese house design and is located in Keiki Village, Ubud. When entering this art gallery, visitors can feel the thick traditional atmosphere of Bali.

This art gallery is a place for people who wants to understand the Balinese art deeply. That is because visitors can also follow the traditional Balinese art class when they come to this art gallery.

During the class time, all materials will be provided along with light snacks, tea, and water. And when the class is over, visitors can bring home their work as a memento of their visit to Bali.

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2. Purpa Fine Art Gallery Seminyak

Purpa Fine Art Gallery is an art gallery founded by a Balinese artist named Ari Purpa. She is the son of a famous Balinese artist named Nyoman Purpa who also the first owner of Purpa Gallery.

Purpa Gallery is located in Seminyak, Bali. Inside this gallery, we can see many works of art made by local and international artists. About 80% of the artwork is made by local artists, and 20% is made by foreign artists.

This gallery offers a unique collection of contemporary art and modern painting by both and emerging artist.

Every visitor can buy paintings directly with a good price range that suits visitor’s budget. And annually, the gallery also holds art exhibitions abroad such as in Singapore and Hong Kong.

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3. Semar Kuning Artist Cooperative

Semar Kuning Artist Cooperative is one of the most visited art galleries in Bali.

This gallery is located in Ubud, the famous area which has local artists with beautiful artwork.

In this gallery we can see a lot of traditional Balinese paintings from local artists. The concept of the painting on display in this gallery is a painting that can be used as a home decor.

When visiting this gallery, tourists can buy the paintings on display there. The cheapest painting price is around 10 USD, and tourists can also bargain to get a cheaper price. In addition, some artists in this art gallery separate out their profits for charity project.

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4. Nyaman Gallery Seminyak

Nyaman Gallery is a contemporary art gallery located in Seminyak, Bali. Established on February 2015, Nyaman Gallery is an art gallery that represents the combination artwork from local artist as well as the talented international artists.

The term “Nyaman” in Indonesia means comfortable. Therefore, this place was established to offer a cozy gallery like home for visitors so they can interact and enjoy contemporary art. In this gallery we can see various kinds of artworks such as painting, photography, sculpture, jewelry, and fashion lines.

The concept offered by this art gallery is by combining traditional Balinese art and modern art. And Nyaman Gallery also offers consultation in scenography and interior design.

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5. Batik Seno Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta is famous as a cultural city in Indonesia.

As the cultural city, we can find many Indonesian Art Gallery which display the local culture of Yogyakarta easily.

One of the most famous art galleries there is Batik Seno.

This gallery displays artwork such as ceramics, shadow puppets, dresses, and batik painting that represent the tradition of Yogyakarta and Javanese.

In addition, not only to enjoy the finished artwork, visitors can also see the process of making the artwork.

Visitors can also take the art class to learn how to make batik cloth in this place. So not only enjoying the artwork, visitors can also participate in making a beautiful artwork.

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6. Jogja Art Gallery

Jogja Art Gallery is an art gallery that promotes Yogyakarta culture.

This art gallery was established with the aim to promote the culture and artistic heritage of Yogyakarta to the people of Indonesia and even the international community.

Not only as an exhibition center, Jogja Art Gallery is built to take care the priceless art cultural heritage.

This art gallery is also unique because it is built with traditional Javanese architectural design.

People can easily find this art gallery because it is located in a strategic location in Yogyakarta. Local artists from Yogyakarta and all over Indonesia find it helpful with this gallery because they can present their artworks easily to public. . Besides being used as an art exhibition, this place is also used as a venue for visual art exhibitions, art galleries, art auction venues, as well as art shops.

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7. Andi’s Gallery

Andi’s gallery is an art gallery established in 1990 and located in Tanah Abang, Jakarta.  This art gallery features a wide range of modern and contemporary multimedia art.

Its also has been a center of contemporary art in Indonesia for the past few years.

From the moment it was established, Andi’s gallery has an aim to be a place for inspiration through their exhibition, collection, and program.

Not only used for a solo art exhibition, several local artists often collaborate to showcase their artwork in this gallery.

In a year, there will be 5 or 6 art exhibitions that are held in this gallery. This art gallery was established with a main purpose for Indonesian artworks can be widely known in not only in Indonesia but also globally.

8. Art:1 Jakarta

Art: 1 is an art gallery located in Jakarta. This place is used to showcase artworks from artists whose names have been known widely in Indonesia.

The concept of this art gallery is to showcase contemporary artwork.

This gallery consists of 2 parts namely Art Space and also New Museum. In Art Space we can see various kinds of painting, installation, video art, and also photography work.

While at the New Museum, visitors can see a diverse collection of paintings, sculptures and the installation work.

In addition to galleries and art museums, in Art: 1 there is also a cafeteria at the basement of the museum’s lobby that can be enjoyed by visitors who have been around watching the artwork in this place.

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9. Artsphere Jakarta

Artsphere is an art gallery located in Kemang area of ​​Jakarta. This Indonesian Art Gallery is very interesting because it is a place that can connect artist, collector, curator, art lovers, and art associates.

Through this gallery, artists can showcase their work in public.

The distinctive feature of this gallery is the combination of modern and contemporary artwork from young Indonesian artists with foreign artists. In addition to exhibiting existing artwork, Artsphere also provides services in art activities.

There are some professionals who can assist any art related inquiry such as framing, restoration, art design and painting as well as consultancy in art for private and commercial space.

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10. Museum Barli Bandung

This art museum is located in Bandung and is an art museum dedicated for one of Indonesian famous painters named Barli Sasmitawinat.

In this museum visitors can see the painting works of the maestro from time to time. Art painted by Barli is a realism painting, impressionism, to expressionism. The museum was inaugurated on October 26, 1992 with the aim of improving the appreciation of Indonesian art society in general.

In addition to an art gallery, the museum also features a drawing class that can be followed by anyone who wants to deepen education in the arts. So this museum is a museum that dedicates their existence to continually educate the public in terms of fine arts.

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