Most Downloaded Online Shopping Apps in Indonesia

It seems like everybody loves to do online shopping these days, as one of shopping habits in Indonesia.

Starting from household appliances, stationery, clothes, until foods, we love to buy everything from online shops.

So many benefits we can get if we buy some goods from an online shop.

For instance, we can receive our orders in a fast time, besides we can also save our energy and time.

Every online shop has its plus and minus values. Regardless, those online shops are still beneficial for us.

And now, we will share with you about most downloaded online shopping apps in Indonesia.

Let’s check this out!

1. Shopee


Okay, who doesn’t know Shopee, by the way? As we have known, Shopee is an online shopping app from Singapore as a part of e-commerce platforms headquartered under the Sea Group.

Shopee was founded by Forrest Li in 2009. First, they launched their app in Singapore 5 years ago.

And now, Shopee is expanding its market from Thailand, Taiwan, and Malaysia to Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, and Brazil.

Shopee gives us a lot of benefits if we use this app. For instance, we can pay our orders with so many payment methods.

We know that consumer lifestyle in Indonesia is the desire for an easy payment.

Users can do their payment from convenient stores or by credit card, bank transfer, Shopeepay, Shopee Paylater, OneKlik, Kredivo, and Cash on Delivery. 

This online shopping app is also user-friendly and can be installed by Android or iPhone users.

And what makes us happy is, Shopee often release promos to their users.

2. Tokopedia


The next most downloaded online shopping apps in Indonesia is Tokopedia.

Based on their claim, Tokopedia is an Indonesian technology company with a mission to achieve digital economic quality.

Tokopedia was found in 2009, and has been transforming into a unicorn company.

Tokopedia has influenced many countries, not only Indonesia but also countries in Southeast Asia.

Tokopedia has a lot of plus values that we can receive. For instance, in terms of appearance, we can enjoy its fresh and light display.

We also don’t need to wait for the loading process because loading sites are relatively light, especially when accessing store pages and products.

Tokopedia also has some features to estimate total payment that should be paid by the buyer, for example the total price of the product.

Tokopedia also can show the estimated shipping costs to shipping service available.

In terms of fund transfer, it is relatively fast from an average of 2 to 3 hours with a maximum of up to 4 hours for transfers to various large banks.

3. Lazada


We know that Lazada is a Southeast Asian e-commerce company. This company was built by Rocket Internet and Pierre Poignant in 2012 and owned by Alibaba Group.

Lazada is popular with its various products, such as electronic products, household properties, toys, musical instruments, bags, books, beauty products, and many more.

Lazada is known as e-commerce that often offer a lot of discounts to its customer.

Even, this e-commerce platform is easy to use for beginners and it gives free postal fee.

You don’t need to worry because the delivery system for every order is fast.



The next most downloaded online shopping apps in Indonesia is ZALORA.

We know it very well that you are pretty crazy to buy your fashion items in this digital platform.

ZALORA sells a lot of products, starting from clothes, accessories, shoes, until beauty products for females and males.

ZALORA has a user-friendly display, so for the beginners, you don’t need to be worried if you want to explore your favorite products in this digital platform. 

ZALORA offers free postal fees for its customers and ensures there will be no false products.

You can also use a special feature in this digital platform: the vouchers.

And you can use Cash on Delivery (COD) in this digital platform to get some things to buy in Jakarta.

5. Blibli


You know Blibli, right? Blibli is one of the electronic commerce in Indonesia. Blibli is a digital platform which was built by PT Global Digital Niaga.

Blibli was built in 2010. Blibli has a competitive price range comparing to other online shopping apps in Indonesia.

Blibli is one of the biggest and most valuable startup companies in Indonesia.

You can also use the coupons which are easy to get with various kinds of orders. 

And, guess what? You can get special service from Blibli, such as free postal fee to all regions in Indonesia.

And if you want to complain to the customer service, the customer service department in this company is easy to find and we can directly ask them to complain.

You can enjoy this Blibli service which is so fast, humble, and patient. Even, when you receive your orders, the packaging is built from woods!

So, that’s all about most downloaded online shopping apps in Indonesia.

You can experience cheap shopping in Indonesia with these apps. Which one is your favorite?