Numbers of Most Popular Persons in Indonesia

Popularity can be said as one of many important aspects in humans life. It can lead to sme things good like more connections, more job opportunities, and also respects. But, gaining a respectbale popularity is not an easy thing to get, especially in the country like Indonesia. With efforts and skills, someone can get famous […]

17 Unique Indonesia Activities

Each country must have many unique habits and also interesting to know. One example of Indonesian society that has a culture, there is also a strange routine, for some people may think it is not good or funny to do. However, it has become a tradition even ingrained, so difficult to remove. For foreigners, of […]

12 Reasons Why Indonesia is Over Populated

Indonesia is still in the top 5 of the country with the largest population in the world. It was at number 4 competing with Brazil in 5th place. The total population of Indonesia when it reaches 255,461,700 people which is 3.47% of the world population is Indonesian. With a population growth rate of 3 million […]

17 Public Behaviour in Indonesia

There are many habits of Indonesian people who become the main attraction for others, especially foreigners who think it is strange and inappropriate. Herewith general attitudes in Indonesia. If for ourselves it is an ordinary thing to do. In fact, it has become an activity or everyday behavior, but in this case good behavior and […]

10 Easy Traditional Rice Growing Methods in Indonesia

Rice is the basic ingredient of rice maker which is the staple food of Indonesian society. Actually, the result of the farm is very sufficient to meet daily needs. Even agriculture is one of the promising businesses. You know that rice in Indonesia is one of the foods that can’t be separated from everyday life. […]

10 Common Cooking Methods in Indonesia

Cooking is the activity of preparing food to be eaten by heating the food ingredients so that the food can be consumed. Cooking consists of a variety of methods, techniques, tools, and combinations of spices to create flavors, food colors, appearance, taste, texture, appearance and nutritional value. There are various of cooking techniques that are grouped based on […]

17 Interesting Daily Activities in Indonesia

As Indonesian people, of course in day to day activities we usually do something that the people in other countries don’t. It’s part of the habit and Indonesian culture. The things like eating with right hand, and also londrying outside houseis common in here. See also : Indonesian Lifestyle Indonesian People Basic Rights in Indonesia […]

17 Basic Rights in Indonesia Must Know

As an Indonesian citizen and as a human being who is destined to be a human being who is intelligent and as a social, civilized and cultured creature. Of every human being and society based on the Godhead and Unity of Indonesia, we have the same rights and obligations in the eyes of the State. […]

Acehnese in Indonesia – Religion – Customs

Acehnese is a tribe in the province of Nangroe Aceh Darussalam, a province that located in the most western tip of Indonesia and the northernmost tip of the island of Sumatra. Acehnese is famous with their Syariah rule in their daily activity. However, not all of Acehnese embrace Islam as their religion. Here we are going […]

20 Leadership Styles in Indonesia

Leadership is defined as someone’s skill to lead. Whether it is to lead a company, an organization, or just a small group of people, leadership is an important skill for everyone to have. Great leaders with great leadership skill can drive their group to achieve a goal. Leadership is also needed in order to solve […]