10 Best Activities in Bandung You Must Try

The city of Bandung has an undeniable appeal. It is also a city that must be visited at least once in a lifetime. Since ancient times Bandung is known as a trend setter center in the field of fashion. Many fashion models are born in Bandung which eventually spread to several regions in Indonesia. That […]

13 Devastating Effects of Air Pollution in Jakarta

Air Pollution is a condition of air contaminated with the presence of materials, foreign substances or other components in the air causing the change of air order by human activities or by natural processes. There is no doubt, that urban air is far from a clean word. Motor vehicle exhaust emissions as one of the […]

12 Surprising Effects of Urbanization in Jakarta

The movement of local people to Jakarta always increases from year to year. The migration of people from various regions to Jakarta is based on economic factors. Most think that living in Jakarta means they will get great sources of income and profit. Without them realizing that there is a stack of risks or families […]

10 Traditional Markets in Yogyakarta – Best for Shopping

Yogyakarta is a city full of a millions beauty. In addition to beautiful natural attractions, stunning cultural tours, and delicious culinary, Yogyakarta has favorite places to relax as well as shopping for souvenirs or souvenirs and other purposes. There is not only large mall that available in Yogyakarta, but also many traditional markets there. In […]

12 Best Street Shopping in Jakarta

If there is one activity that should always be done tourists during the holidays in Jakarta, whoever you are, it is a shopping activity. Yes, shopping is an activity that you can not leave, is not it? The excitement of shopping is unforgettable. You will feel something is missing when you’re traveling somewhere and see […]

12 Best Places for Hunting Street Photography in Jakarta

Street photography is a trend that is currently emerging and is starting to reap the controversy in the world. Indeed, the photographer’s interest in street dynamics has begun since the discovery of high-speed cameras. If you visit Jakarta, you can find many photography community, one of them is street photography community. They used to capture […]

13 Great Benefits of Living in Jakarta

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. It is a metropolitan city where many industries are developing. That is why job opportunities in this city is increasing. It triggers many people to move to live in Jakarta. Day by day, the population in Jakarta is growing rapidly. Some people prefer to choose Jakarta as their […]

10 Hidden Beach in West Java with Stunning Views

West Java is one of the provinces in Indonesia that has many tourism destinations that are very complete and amazing. In this province you could find some historical building, shopping centers, culinary tour, and beach tourism. The beaches in West Java have their own beauty that is not much found in other beaches in Indonesia. […]

13 Fascinating Facts about Surabaya, Indonesia

Surabaya is one of the most important cities in the history of Indonesia. In the era after independence and now, Surabaya transformed into a metropolitan city in Indonesia. This city became one of the business centers in Indonesia. For those who like to have vacation, Surabaya could be a choice for the interesting destination. There […]

13 Precious Things to Learn in Jakarta

Traveling in Jakarta could give you some wonderful experiences. Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia, so you could visit some various tourisms at once. Although some people say this metropolitan city like a ‘monster because its modern lifestyle, you could have fun with thing you should do in Jakarta. There, you can also learn […]