20 Interesting Facts about Yogyakarta You Need to Know

Yogyakarta is a large city in Java famous for its traditions and cultural heritage. Inside the city, you will find a lot of things to discover. Most people often admire Yogyakarta for its food, history and its natural environment. They are also often curious about the royal family that still resides in the city. If […]

17 Fun Activities to Do in Bali Indonesia

Already planned out a vacation in Bali but running out of ideas on what you’re going to do? Good thing that you’ve found this article as we’re here to help you out. Don’t waste your precious hours in Bali by only staying in your hotels. Be a little adventurous and discover the great things in […]

Top 13 Interesting Facts in Palembang Indonesia

What is on your minds if you hear about Palembang? Do you think of Musi River, Ampera Bridge, or even Pempek? Yup,Palembang is the popular city in Indonesia which is located in South of Sumatra. It has been recognized as the second big city in Sumatera after Medan. More than those several popular identical things […]

10 Interesting Facts about Medan Indonesia

Toba Lake is one of the most famous holiday destinations on the island of Sumatra. There is an island in the middle of Toba Lake which called the island of Samosir. Toba Lake is categorized as one of the Most Beautiful Lake in Indonesia. Do you know the location? Yap, it is located in North […]

Top 15 Museum in Yogyakarta (Traditional & Modern)

Jogjakarta has always been a place where culture and history are preserved, this is because the Sultanate of Jogja that’s still in the running till now. Thus Jogyakarta is also known for its cultural and historical tourism. In addition to the temple and Keraton then you can also visit the many museums there. See Also: […]

Best Weather in Bali Indonesia – Seasons

Bali is a Paradise Island with a tropical climate situated near the equator, with 2 seasons of Rain and Dry or better known as Hot and Cold seasons because the sun is shining all day long. Both of these seasons have their own pros and cons which can influence the decision when planning a trip […]

15 Best Nightlife in Bandung to Having Fun

The city of Bandung is famous for a mildly cool air and there is not much air pollution around. This is very different from the atmosphere in Jakarta. Bandung is known to have many tourist assets, ranging from nature tourism, science, shopping, and culinary. The city also relies on entertainment areas to boost its regional […]

Best 14 Unique Handicrafts of Indonesia (#6 is Epic)

Like we know, Indonesia is one big country with so many unique and different culture for every islands. Some of them are dominated by Islam, some by Hindu, others by Christian, and so on. Beside they have unique culture, its also make them have lot handicrafts which attracted some tourists and make them become more […]

Top 15 Haunted Places in Indonesia (#5 Scares You)

The mystical story is no stranger for Indonesians. Even those who live in big cities like Jakarta many people still believe it. Just by watching television stations and radio every Friday night then you can join the atmosphere of horror that will send a shiver through your spine. No wonder, the film industry that sells […]

Top 15 Largest Churches in Indonesia (#11 is Popular)

A church is a place of worship for many Christian and the availability of churches is important in keeping the balance of many faith in a certain area. The word church itself has many meanings. Although the main meaning is the “soul” or the congregation that is present in it, this time we measure the […]