Islamic New Year in Indonesia – Tradition – Celebration

Islam is the majority religion in Indonesia. More than 70% of Indonesia’s population is Islamic. For this reason, it is not surprising that the Islamic New Year in Indonesia is celebrated with a variety of different activities and traditions. The Islamic New Year which falls in the month of Muharam also coincides with the beginning […]

13 Importance Of Temple In Bali

Getting to know the island of Bali is not only a stunning tourist destination. However, on the other hand, Bali became very famous for its local culture as well as its unique and interesting religious rituals. Examples of one of which is building a temple built with traditional Balinese architecture. Very beautiful and also interesting […]

13 Importance of Religion And Ecology In Indonesia

As individuals and citizens of the Indonesian nation, according to the principle of Pancasila, the first principle of the divinity of Allaah is clear that each of us who become a citizen has a guide and a foundation of religion. Regardless of any religion, every religion has its teachings and rules on the divinity as […]

The History of Hindu Religion in Indonesia

Hinduism is a religion that comes from the Indian subcontinent. This religion is thought to have appeared between 3102 BC and 1300 BC and is the oldest religion in the world that still survives today. This religion is the third largest religion in the world after Christianity and Islam with a population of almost 1 […]

The List of Islamic Heritage in Indonesia

The entry of religion and Islamic culture to Indonesia directly or indirectly gave a big influence on the culture and way of life of the people of the country. The existence of this Islamization process brought impact and changes in all areas of life, ranging from the economic, social, political, educational, even cultural. As we […]

20 Interesting Facts About Indonesian Religion –

Indonesia is a country that known for its unique specialities. Things like culture, arts, and beautiful traditions are not the things that people should know already. All of them are reflecting how rich this Indonesia country is. Also, the thing that really famous from Indonesia is the diversity of the people. All of them live […]

The History of Sufism in Indonesia

Sufism in this context are practiced as the true way to purify the soul and heart, draw closer to God and draw closer to His Paradise (away from the world). Sufi is a term for those who study the science of tasawwuf, the science that deepens the piety of Allah swt.Istilah Sufi [saints] finally used […]

Muslim Customs in Indonesia – History, Laws, and Population

Islam is one of the formal religions in Indonesia. Beside Islam, there are some other religions that people have in the country of Indonesia, the country which known for its toleratnion. And good things to see here are the activities that people do together, even tough they have different physicial and spiritual aspects in their […]

The Brief History of Islam in Bali

This judgement tells that Bali is a world of Hindu. In fact, Islam has also grown there together with the development of Islam in other regions in Indonesia. How is the history of Islamic development in the pulp of a thousand temples? The dynamics of the development of Islam in each region is certainly different. […]

The History of Christianity in Bali

Christianity is the third minority religion in Bali after Islam embraced by 64,454 Protestants and 31,397 Catholics. The percentage of the population of Balinese Christians and Catholics is 1.66% and 0.81% respectively. The largest concentration of Protestants in Bali is in the village of Blimbingsari while the concentration of Catholics in Bali is found in […]