Muslim Customs in Indonesia – History, Laws, and Population

Islam is one of the formal religions in Indonesia. Beside Islam, there are some other religions that people have in the country of Indonesia, the country which known for its toleratnion. And good things to see here are the activities that people do together, even tough they have different physicial and spiritual aspects in their […]

The Brief History of Islam in Bali

This judgement tells that Bali is a world of Hindu. In fact, Islam has also grown there together with the development of Islam in other regions in Indonesia. How is the history of Islamic development in the pulp of a thousand temples? The dynamics of the development of Islam in each region is certainly different. […]

The History of Christianity in Bali

Christianity is the third minority religion in Bali after Islam embraced by 64,454 Protestants and 31,397 Catholics. The percentage of the population of Balinese Christians and Catholics is 1.66% and 0.81% respectively. The largest concentration of Protestants in Bali is in the village of Blimbingsari while the concentration of Catholics in Bali is found in […]

12 Ways How do Indonesians Celebrate Easter

Christians around the world celebrate an important event in their religion, Easter Day, which is believed to mark the resurrection of Jesus, three days after being crucified. Many Christians, including Protestants and Catholics, celebrate it by worshiping to church on Easter days, though for some people who rarely do it on other Sundays. They celebrate Easter […]

6 Most Popular Islamic Celebrations in Indonesia

The majority of people living in Indonesia is Muslim. Islam has the most following in the country in comparison to other religions. It is no wonder that many Islamic celebrations are carried out nationwide. Muslims across all parts of the country are always looking forward to these 6 Most Popular Islamic Celebrations in Indonesia. Learn all […]

25 Facts about Christmas in Indonesia You Have to Know

Christmas is widely celebrated by the Christians in Indonesia. People carry out all sorts of traditions and activities to welcome Christmas. If you’ve been wondering what Christmas is like in Indonesia, then read these 25 Facts about Christmas in Indonesia. Knowing these facts will give you more insight about the Christmas celebration in the country. […]

20 Importance of Religion in Indonesia

In Indonesia, religion plays a great role. The Indonesian Constitution guarantees all people in Indonesia the freedom of religion or of worship according to their own beliefs. In Indonesia there are 6 official religions: Islam, Catholicism, Protestanism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Confucianism. The growth of religion has come way before the Independence of the Nation. It […]

Religious Diversity in Indonesia – Pluralism

Indonesia is the multicultural country with variant religions, ethnics, and believable, those are the special things that can find by tourists when come in Indonesia. if you’re a newcomer, you will recognize there are a lot diversity from one island with other island. in this case, Indonesia still being country with peaceful and there is […]

History of Catholic in Indonesia

Catholicism is one of the major official religions in Indonesia. It finally became one of the official religion in Indonesia alongside Protestantism, Confucianism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam. Even though most of the Indonesian people are Muslim, there is a huge population where Catholicism is practiced in certain regions of Indonesia. Below is a timeline on […]

Religion in Borneo Indonesia – Characteristics

The area of Borneo includes one area that can be dubbed as the provinces of “Thousand Rivers”. This nickname is in harmony with the geographical conditions that have hundreds of large and small rivers that can be navigable. Several major rivers are still the arteries and main routes for inland transport, although road infrastructure has […]