Buddhism in Indonesia – History – Spread – Influences

Indonesia, world’s biggest archipelago, is famous for its diversity in cultures, races, and religions. People from different cultures with different religions, Islam, Catholic, Christian, Hinduism, Buddhist, and many more, live side by side peacefully. The openness of the people is one of the reasons. This openness is most likely also one of the reasons these […]

Ramadhan in Indonesia – Celebrations and Traditions

Ah, finally. Ramadhan is finally upon us again in this year of 2017. It’s a beautiful yet wonderful month, for you Moslem or even for another Religion.  Many beautiful things you can meet in this month, and they’re very unique. Ramadhan will last for 29-30 days. In this month, Moslem celebrated it by fasting during whole […]

Christmas in Indonesia – Celebrations and Traditions

The Church, especially the Catholic Church, obliges its people to celebrate Christmas. This celebration is not to be done by a big meal, it is not to be done by a big festival, but a happy celebration in the church. So the so-called Christmas celebration is the Christmas Mass, the Eucharistic celebration in commemoration of […]

7 Traditions of Fasting in Indonesia – Unique – Religious

Indonesia is one of the countries in the world with largest Moslem population. There are so many Moslem people who live in various cities in Indonesia. And just like Moslems who live in other countries, Moslems as one of Religion in Indonesia are fasting during Ramadhan. Fasting is an activity when you don’t eat and […]

Origin of Hinduism in Bali Indonesia – History, Holy Figures, and Traditions

Found most notably in India and Nepal, Hinduism is a way of life or a religion and most its practitioners and scholars refer to it as Sanātana Dharma, “the eternal law,” or the “eternal way,” beyond human origins. Hinduism, as one of the oldest religion in the world, has many Gods to worship and the Hindus can choose to be […]

Religions in Indonesia – Facts and History

Indonesia is already known as country with full of diversity. Indonesia is a home of numerous ethnic groups, languages, and also religions. The National motto of Indonesia called “Unity in Diversity” helps the 17,500 islands united together. Meanwhile, religion in Indonesia has an important role to developed the positive change of country. It stated in Indonesian […]