14 the Most Crowded Chinese New Year Tourist Locations in Indonesia

If we talk about holiday destinations, there are so many locations that we can visit. Every location definitely has a uniqueness and special characteristics. This matter can be said as the reason why every people have different favorite locations. It is not rare that somebody will arrange and analyze holiday activities in detail and even […]

Visit 4 Tourist Attractions for Celebrating Chinese New Year in Semarang

Celebrating Chinese New Year is still ongoing in February but, a few cities in Indonesia have started to set up for celebrating rousing Chinese New Year. There are so many attractive cities in Indonesia that become tourist attractions to spend Chinese New Year vacation like Semarang city. To celebrate in Semarang is always held quite […]

11 Most Popular Traditional Wedding Ceremony in Indonesia

Wedding is every person’s dream. Finding the right person and invite them to take care of each other and spend the rest of your life together is one of the goal that everyone dream of. From getting know to each other to falling in love together must be a surreal experience for everybody. That’s why […]

Characteristics of Indonesian Geography, A Unique Archipelago

Indonesia is one of unique countries in the world because it consists of archipelagos separated by the sea. It has approximately 13000 archipelagos that divides in to 34 provinces. Most of them still undiscovered and haven’t been named. This numerous archipelagos brings positive benefits for Indonesia. Indonesia is surrounded by four interesting border, the north […]

Learn 7 Things from Grassroots in Indonesia, A Life proof of Pancasila

Indonesian people has been living under a believe that’s established by their founding fathers, Pancasila. Pancasila consists of five fundamental points that Indonesian people must follow. It is an ideology that shapes Indonesia as a country, a nation, a community. Pancasila comes from Sanskrit language that means five fundamental points, panca means five and sila […]

The History of Sundanese Language : 8 Things You Should Know

So, after telling you about the restaurants, the Sundanese ones in two different areas, Jakarta and Bali, we want to dig deeper into the culture of Sunda. This time, we’re gonna learn about the language that unites all West Java areas together, the Sundanese language. It’s one of the traditional languages you can find in […]

The 13 Beautiful Words in Balinese Language : Phrases of Heavenly Island

So what do you think about our previous discussion about learning some of the beautiful and meaningful Javanese words? Are they interesting enough for you? Or you want to finish just now? Hold your horses. In Indonesia, there are many islands still to explore. About the West side of Java, you can meet the possibly […]

15 Beautiful Words in Javanese Language : Wise and Meaningful Phrases

After telling you about the Javanese culinary you can find in Jakarta city, let’s dig some more into the core of Javanese culture. Aside from telling you about the arts and traditional stuff of Java island, we also want to take you closer with learning about the Javanese language. Have you familiar with it? Related […]

13 Reasons Why Jakarta Do Car Free Day Every Sunday

In big cities, it is currently rife with car-free days. This certainly has a purpose, one of which is to overcome the level of pollution that is so prevalent in the capital. In addition, it also focuses on the health of the citizens of the city and its surroundings. The certainty is a positive goal […]

14 Causes of Traffic Congestion in Jakarta : Our Main Problems

Well, if you are familiar with Indonesia, or maybe even an Indonesian yourself, of course, you are very familiar with the traffic congestion, or also known as a traffic jam. During the morning when you want to go for work or study on campus, you can almost be certain that there will always be traffic […]