Dayak Tribe – Origin – History – Arts

Dayak is one of native community in Borneo, Kalimantan Island. They still live there with so many maritime and nautical culture around. Then, Dayak itself has meaning related to most of river in this island. On the other hand, the name of Dayak comes from the word “Power” which means upstream. It usually for mention the […]

150+ Amazing Indonesian Cultures: Ceremonies – Clothes – Foods – Houses

Indonesia is a multicultural country. Indonesia has 34 provinces, and each of the provinces has its own ethnic groups. Each ethnic group has their own folks. Such as language, dance, and cultures. So, it makes Indonesia very rich in cultures, and many foreign tourists come to Indonesia just to see or get involved in the […]

80+ Fascinating and Unique Facts About Indonesia (What Travelers Need)

Indonesia is already well-known for having many unique characteristics in every way. Indonesia is located in Southeast Asia consists of having more than 10000 islands. Indonesia is also known as heaven of tourist cause many places that worth to visit, cultures which can gain your knowledge and experiences. Sometimes, many tourists also make Indonesia for their […]