12 Recommended Tattoo Places in Bali

Bali is a popular tourist site in Indonesia because it has so many beautiful places with awesome scenery. Not only that Bali is well-known for its cuisines, fashion and even tattoo. Not only the tourists, the local people can also get a tattoo done in Bali without fear. Tattoo is well-known as an art painted […]

10 Top Famous Composer in Indonesia

Indonesian music is indeed to be proud of. The classical and orchestral music sector contributes not least to the name of the nation in the eyes of the international community. Here we will sort some names from Indonesia that act as the core of an orchestra, the composer. Some of them even have inheritance in […]

12 Interesting Things to Buy in Bali – Souvenir Recommendations

Bali is indeed a favorite tourist destination for a million people. Its natural charm is beautiful, its culture is unique, and friendly locals are the main magnet. The Island of the Gods also offers a variety of souvenirs, ranging from food, drinks, handicrafts to batik fabrics. Buying typical items in tourist destinations is sometimes an […]

The Different Types of Indonesian Theater

If we’re talking about the culture and art that Indonesia, we’ll require an infinite amount of time, because there’s like thousands of them. They also came in many forms, not only via songs, dances, paintings, or carvings, but also through one form called theater. Theater is one beautiful thing, beside giving people with entertainment, there’s […]

Top 10 Famous Paintings in Indonesia

Art world in Indonesia is highly appreciated. No wonder, if there is many local paintings that are very famous in all over the world. Famous paintings from Indonesia are not only famous in the country, but also known abroad. Indonesia has cultural diversity and has a high cultural value. In addition, painters from Indonesia have […]

13 Fascinating Facts of Indonesian Saman Dance

Saman Dance is a typical Gayo tribe dance performed to celebrate important events in adat. The song lyric in Saman dance using Gayo Language. Saman Dance is set by UNESCO as the Intangible Cultural Heritage Presentation Representative List in the 6th Session of the Intergovernmental Committee for the Protection of Cultural Heritage Not the UNESCO […]

14 Extraordinary Facts of Indonesian Batik

Batik is a cultural heritage of Indonesia that has a high value and fusion of art, loaded with philosophical meanings and symbols full of meaning that shows the way people think society. Batik is a craft that has become part of Indonesian culture (especially Java) since the first. Batik tradition was originally a hereditary tradition, […]

Brief History of Puppet in Indonesia

Puppet is one of Indonesian performing arts. Puppet holds a patent at the same time as batik that is dated November 7, 2003. It is granted by UNESCO to Indonesia. Since then the world has truly acknowledged that puppet originated from Indonesia. This performing arts are not only preferred in Java, but even around the […]

50 Facts About Indonesian Art Works That Made By Indonesian People

Wow, talk about arts in Indonesia again are we. Well, if you don’t know it already, Indonesia is like the heaven of arts, so many types of arts can be found within this country on every corner. So, it must be easy to find the arts that you looking for. See also : Most Popular […]

The Brief History of Indonesian National Gallery

The National Gallery of Indonesia is one of the specialized museums and art activities centers aimed at protecting, developing and exploiting art collections as an educational-cultural and recreational means, as well as a medium for enhancing creativity and art appreciation. The institute was inaugurated on May 8, 1989. Currently it is under the auspices of […]