17 Public Behaviour in Indonesia

There are many habits of Indonesian people who become the main attraction for others, especially foreigners who think it is strange and inappropriate. Herewith general attitudes in Indonesia. If for ourselves it is an ordinary thing to do. In fact, it has become an activity or everyday behavior, but in this case good behavior and […]

20 Strange Customs In Indonesia

Beside to having a diverse culture, Indonesia is also famous for its unique customs of Indonesia and interesting to learn. Some of the Indonesian customs that make the icon of the famous Ngaben ceremony of the island of Bali. The custom is still very thick and sacred for the people of Indonesia, customs that have been upheld […]

15 Most Beautiful Temples in Indonesia

Yes, Indonesia is indeed full of beautiful things to be seen. The examples are the attractions, the beautiful spots like waterfalls and many others. But don’t forget, there are some temples here that also worth mentioning, like the famous Borobudur and Prambanan temple for example. There are many others waiting, don’t worry. See also : […]

Social Etiquette in Indonesia – Characteristics

According to Ancient Greek, ethics is derived from the word ethikos which means “arising from habit”. Ethics is the main branch of philosophy that studies the value or quality of standards and moral judgments. Ethics includes analysis and application of concepts such as right, wrong, good, bad, and responsibility. Ethics begins when humans reflect on […]

Religion in Borneo Indonesia – Characteristics

The area of Borneo includes one area that can be dubbed as the provinces of “Thousand Rivers”. This nickname is in harmony with the geographical conditions that have hundreds of large and small rivers that can be navigable. Several major rivers are still the arteries and main routes for inland transport, although road infrastructure has […]

Top 17 Festival in Lombok You Must Know

West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) is a province in Indonesia that has a very stunning natural beauty. The province has two large islands consisting of the island of Lombok and Sumbawa Island and both of this island is ready to welcome you to come on there for vacation. You’ll be amazed at its stunning natural beauty […]

15 Culture in Palembang – Art – Characteristics

Indonesia is indeed rich in culture of its own people. Stretching from the East of Sabang until the East point of Merauke, all of the people have their own unique traditions and habits that can not be found in other areas. Like this one for example, Palembang city has some unique and different culture that […]

20 Business Etiquette in Indonesia

Business ethics is a way to conduct business activities, covering all aspects related to individuals, companies, and society. Business Ethics in a company can shape the values, norms, and behaviors of employees and leaders in building a fair and healthy relationship with customers/partners, shareholders, community. Business Ethics can be the standard and guidance principle for all […]

Weaving in Indonesia – Types – Techniques

Indonesia has several kinds of distinct culture and characteristic of the place for each region. For example batik cloth and woven fabric which is quite famous in Indonesia. Weaving is a technique in making fabrics made with a simple principle, that is by combining the threads in the elongated and transverse way. In other words […]

Cultures in Bali – Traditions – Ceremonies

Bali? Who doesnt know about Bali? So many tourists make it as their first destination when come to Indonesia. Many people also make it as their honeymoon destination because Bali is beautiful and have so much culture inside which make them different with another islands, thats why its called as The Island of The Gods. […]