15 Beautiful Words in Javanese Language : Wise and Meaningful Phrases

After telling you about the Javanese culinary you can find in Jakarta city, let’s dig some more into the core of Javanese culture. Aside from telling you about the arts and traditional stuff of Java island, we also want to take you closer with learning about the Javanese language. Have you familiar with it? Related […]

16 Reasons Why Indonesia is The Happiest Country

Being a safe country is certainly not enough, in addition to being safe it must also be able to make the residents in the country feel happy, safe and peaceful. Indonesia is one of the country that is able to guarantee the safety and happiness of the residents because it is a prosperous country and […]

List of 15 Traditions in Indonesia During Eid Al Fitr : The Victory Day Celebrations

So, after talking more and more about the holy month of Ramadhan, let’s move the topic to the final day of Ramadhan, which is Eid Al Fitr or as many people in Indonesia would like to call it as Idul Fitri. This is the day of victory, the day of celebration, the day when we […]

The 17 Memorable History in Indonesia During Ramadhan : Beautiful Things That Make You Miss It

The Ramadhan month is indeed very fun. Not only for the Muslims, but also for the others as well. We share interesting moments and experiences this month. Bringing happiness to all. Even though the month is part of Muslims life, but the ones who are having fun are all people in Indonesia, no matter what […]

The 17 Things You Must Not Do in Indonesia During Ramadhan

Ramadhan vibe is still on the air. Now, we’re entering the third week of this special month of the year. Like usual, people of Indonesia always do what they’re always doing during Ramadhan, like hunting takjil, waking people up for sahur, and many other traditions that we included in the previous article. Related topics: Unique […]

List of 17 Unique Traditions in Indonesia During Ramadhan

It’s always so interesting to talk about Ramadhan, the only month within one year that is so special not only for Muslims but others as well. During this month, many people are devoting to pray, getting more merit bonuses that they can get and promised if they do. Many Muslims intend to do positive things […]

15 Most Spiciest Dishes in Indonesia

Talking about Indonesia, it’s not enough by knowing only the history and heritage. Because there are many features of Indonesia that will make anyone be amazed and feel at home. There are diverse tours available in Indonesia, yet a choice of typical foods that are so tempting. Hence the must eat dishes in Indonesia that […]

The 20 Facts About Indonesian Slang Words You Should Know

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List of 14 Universities in Indonesia for International Students – Best Ones for You

Aside from all things, education is still being an important aspect of our life. Just like a wise man once said, learning is not based on the age of someone. It’s only because in the want to expand our head for new information. Especially in the industrial age like this that reaching its 4.0 where […]

Best Places to See Sunrise in Indonesia : Hills, Temples, and Gems of Indonesia

Well, nature can always make us happier and somewhat calmer. Watching natural phenomenons can make somebody realizes how beautiful the world they live in. And a simple thing like sunrise, maybe the thing that people are always waiting for. Even they want to come especially for this purpose only, to an area that is a […]