10 Characteristics of Tourism in Indonesia

Are you planning to visit Indonesia in the end of this year? Make sure to consider many things before visiting Indonesia. Before scheduling of your departure, you could browse some prospective beautiful places to visit. There are many choices of destination in Indonesia. If you like to study the history you could visit one of […]

35 Rules for Tourists in Indonesia

Indonesia is one of country in South East Asia that have so many destinations for holiday beside others country such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippine, Myanmar and etc. The variation destination makes many people from other country interesting to visit Indonesia. the tourists can choose many tourism places. However, you as the tourists also have […]

10 Ways How To Avoid Scams In Bali Must Know

Every people knows about Bali as the paradise island as they says that Bali consists of so many tourism such as beach, special culture, food and the ethnics traditions, that’s true if there is statement say Indonesia has many tourism places separated in all island. But, Bali has interesting culture that make people around the […]