Pekalongan Batik: History – Characteristics – Motifs

Have you ever heard about Pekalongan city? Yes, this city is popular with its wonderful batik. This city which is part of Central Java region has thousands kinds of beautiful batik patterns and motifs. No wonder, because all the batik artists there are full of skills and passions. That’s why Pekalongan batik becomes so popular […]

Batik Cirebon – History, Patterns, Making-Of

Batik is a vital icon in Indonesia. This is an Indonesian technique of creating art and craft using wax and dye. Batik, categorized as an ancient tradition, has been practiced for centuries in many parts of Indonesia, including in West Java known as Batik Cirebon.  The History of Batik Cirebon  Batik Cirebon is closely related […]

15 Popular Types of Batik Motifs in Indonesia

Do you know that UNESCO has set Indonesian batik as a humanitarian legacy for oral and non-cultural culture since October 2, 2009? Therefore, every October 2 finally becomes a memorial moment for the national batik day in Indonesia. In its development there are various types of batik scattered in Indonesia. Diverse motives usually depend on […]