10 Unique Jobs that You Can Only Find in Indonesia

Indonesia has many occupations. Everyday thousands of company open job vacancies to job seeker out there. While the idea of job changes from then to now on due to industrial revolution 4.0, many jobs might be lost since technology replace them with lower production cost. However, new jobs rise to answer market demands, especially in […]

5 Reasons Why People of Indonesia Has Never Ending Friendliness

Indonesia is full of friendly people. They greet you in the morning, they talk to you in the noon, they accompany you in the evening, even at midnight. This close relation between one another has been Indonesian culture for more than hundred years. Since traditional society era, Indonesian people has certain culture that builds close […]

Underrated Cities in Indonesia Which Have Paradise – The Best 13

Indonesia is indeed a large country. It has more cities than Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, or the other neighbor countries. All of them are inhabited with people of different races, religions, and culture. Some of you may know the famous ones like Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, or any other top spots of the provinces. Read also: Regulation […]

The Complete 25 Traveling Tips to Indonesia in Rainy Season

What’s up again in the Facts of Indonesia.com to talk some more thing about wonderful Indonesia. In the previous articles, we’ve told you about some traveling tips such as tips for tourists in Indonesia, the best natural attractions in several locations, and many others. This time, the topic is the same, which is the traveling […]

Important Tips to Spend for Only $300 in Jakarta – Effective and Easy

In the Facts of Indonesia.com, we mainly talk about all the interesting attractions located around the country in Indonesia. Recently, we’ve told you about the best places to get delicious meals and beverage in the best cafes and restaurants in Jakarta that have their own unique themes. Read also: Must Do in Bali Bars Recommended […]

12 Things To Do in Bali For Bachelors

For you who want to take a vacation to Bali but have a single status, don’t be hesitate because there are many interesting things to do with an entertaining place. You can spend vacation time with colleagues, business partners, family or anyone who intentionally wants to experience a vacation in Bali. Read more about The […]

12 Things To Do in Bali For Young Adults

You are on vacation on the island of Bali, there are some interesting things that can be done to satisfy your curiosity in traveling. Some entertainment locations are amazing and can make you feel happy to linger there. The age of adolescence is an age where curiosity about anything is very large, so it is […]

12 Recommended Bali Photographers

Looking for a professional photographer who understands what you want and captures exactly what you desired is like looking for needle in a haystack. A pro photographer should have a very artistic eyes and should be able to translate what the client wants into a picture.  Photograph is one of the important aspects in life […]

Numbers of Most Popular Persons in Indonesia

Popularity can be said as one of many important aspects in humans life. It can lead to sme things good like more connections, more job opportunities, and also respects. But, gaining a respectbale popularity is not an easy thing to get, especially in the country like Indonesia. With efforts and skills, someone can get famous […]

17 Unique Indonesia Activities

Each country must have many unique habits and also interesting to know. One example of Indonesian society that has a culture, there is also a strange routine, for some people may think it is not good or funny to do. However, it has become a tradition even ingrained, so difficult to remove. For foreigners, of […]