Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium: History – Facts – Events

Yes, we are quite sure that you have known this sports center very well, right? Gelora Bung Karno (GBK) Main Stadium is such a famous sports center in Indonesia. One of several facts about Indonesian sports is “football has a lot of fans all over Indonesia”. However, GBK Stadium does not only for football, though. […]

Pekalongan Batik: History – Characteristics – Motifs

Have you ever heard about Pekalongan city? Yes, this city is popular with its wonderful batik. This city which is part of Central Java region has thousands kinds of beautiful batik patterns and motifs. No wonder, because all the batik artists there are full of skills and passions. That’s why Pekalongan batik becomes so popular […]

5 Indonesian Movies with International Achievements You Should Watch

It seems like the industry of Indonesian movies is growing so much faster than before. We know very well that a lot of Indonesian movies have been popular in the world. We can say Habibie dan Ainun, Laskar Pelangi, and many more. But actually, there are a lot of Indonesian movies with international achievements you should watch. […]

5 Funniest Indonesian Stand-Up Comedians

Maybe you have known that Indonesia has a lot of funny people. It seems like all levels of society in Indonesia know their sense of humor as well. But still, between thousands of funny people, there will always the funniest among them. Maybe you even remember about legendary Indonesian soap operas. Those funny people are […]

5 Most Heartbreaking Indonesian Movies

You may directly step back into old memories when you first read this title. A bunch of heartbreaking Indonesian movies is suddenly flowing freely in your mind and finally, you miss all of those movies which accompanied your childhood. Even, sometimes you found those heartbreaking stories by Indonesian theater you might ever seen. There are […]

Infamous Indonesian Ghosts You Should be Scared of

For you, what makes ghosts creepy? Maybe because of their horrific appearance, annoying sounds that they make, or maybe it’s just because of the mindset we make in our brain. Every region, every country, every ethnic has its own ancient ghosts, which are very popular and become an Indonesian mythology stories that makes everyone scared. […]

Meet The Top 5 Richest Indonesians

In our beloved country, Indonesia, rich people will always be there in several regions of Indonesia. From Sabang to Merauke, we are completely sure that there are so many rich people in Indonesia who have been struggling with their barricades and sacrifice a lot of their things to reach their goals: to be rich and […]

Most Downloaded Online Shopping Apps in Indonesia

It seems like everybody loves to do online shopping these days, as one of shopping habits in Indonesia. Starting from household appliances, stationery, clothes, until foods, we love to buy everything from online shops. So many benefits we can get if we buy some goods from an online shop. For instance, we can receive our […]

5 Best Planetariums and Observatories in Indonesia

The world and the planet are full of stars and constellation filling up the landscapes of astronomy. Some might not be seen with bare eyes, some becoming interesting to study about and to observe more thoroughly. To fulfill this astronomy educational need on studying about celestial events, planetariums and observatories are built around the world. […]

Ulos – The Traditional Cloth of Batak People

Ulos is one important traditional asset that Indonesia possesses. Coming from the culture of Bataknese in North Sumatra, Ulos is a traditional cloth which is typically worn over the shoulder in ceremonial events like funerals and weddings. With the rich cultural and historical values, ulos is now still used to appreciate the tradition, and it […]