5 Most Prominent Movie Directors in Modern Indonesian Film Industry

Indonesian film industry becomes larger from time to time. Many epic Indonesia movies are directed by good directors. Their idea is poured perfectly into the movie so that it makes the audience love to enjoy the movies. Some directors can make their movies become highly recommended movies to watch than other movies. They come with […]

7 Absurd Things You Can Only Find in Typical Indonesian Soap Operas

Indonesian soap operas are well-known for the absurd things which typically exist during the shows. It makes the audience shake their head with the unreasonable things on soap operas. As we know, there are so many soap operas in Indonesia and from time to time the plots have never changed. Here we have some recaps […]

8 Interesting Facts About the 2018 Asian Games In Indonesia

The first time Indonesia hosted Asian Games was back in 1962, where Jakarta, as the capital city of Indonesia, became the main venue. Fifty-six years later, in 2018, Indonesia once again became the host for this biggest Asian sports event. But this time the event was held in two cities, Jakarta and Palembang, which regarded […]

The Reasons Why Indonesians Love Spicy Food

Each countries and cultures have their own signature dish, it can be influenced by many factors, including the weather, plants, and even the colonization and trade. For example, in Japan and Korea peninsula there is a signature dish which they called ‘cold noodle’, it usually eaten when summer come because the weather is hot and […]

6 Biggest and Most Supported Football Teams in Indonesia

As we have been knowing, football is still the most favorite sport in Indonesia until now. There are some reasons why Indonesians love football so much. One of the reasons is because football is for everyone. No matter what your gender is, how old you are, or where you come from, everybody loves football very […]

5 Most Famous Culinary Spots in Yogyakarta You Must Visit

We can’t deny the fact that Yogyakarta is the best place to do a culinary tour without feeling regret in the end. No matter what food we choose and where the restaurant is, the traditional food of Yogyakarta is called as a perfection. You don’t need to worry or be confused to find where you […]

7 Reasons Why Indonesians Love Football So Much

In previous articles, we have read about history of basketball in Indonesia. Now, we will see about another sport which is also considered as one of the most popular sports in the world. That is football. Indonesians are crazy about sports, especially football. Football, like badminton in Indonesia, is one of the most favorite sports […]

5 History of Khitanan Traditions in Indonesia

In Indonesia, khitanan is not only religious guidance but also cultural tradition that has passed from generation to generation. As a tradition that must be done by a Moslem boy, people in Indonesia still keep and conserve that tradition well. Here are 5 history of khitanan traditions in Indonesia that still held until nowdays: 1. […]

5 Interesting Things You Should Know About Khitanan Tradition in Java

One phase that must be done by mostly boys in Indonesia is khitanan, especially for the moslem boys. Khitanan is not only a religious command, but also has cultural tradition that varies in many region in Indonesia. The khitanan tradition also was applied in Java, as one of the most population in the country. Here […]

10 Most Delicious Foods In Madura, Indonesia

When visiting some places for traveling or holiday, culinary tour is one thing that you can’t skip. It’s the same when you visit Madura, that has many delicious foods for your culinary tour. Here are 10 most delicious foods in Madura, Indonesia: 1. Madura Satay Madura is known of its satay called Madura Satay, the […]