The Reasons Why Indonesians Love Spicy Food

Each countries and cultures have their own signature dish, it can be influenced by many factors, including the weather, plants, and even the colonization and trade. For example, in Japan and Korea peninsula there is a signature dish which they called ‘cold noodle’, it usually eaten when summer come because the weather is hot and […]

Indonesian Cuisine Ingredients: Recognize The Herbs and Spices

Indonesia has various kind of traditional food that you can find from Sumatra to Papua. Each of them has specific seasoning that makes its taste very different from other food. Each province also has different taste depending on their social cultural background. For example, Sumatra Province is famous for its spicy foods and Yogyakarta is […]

10 Extreme Foods in Indonesia You Should know

Indonesia consists of thousand archipelagos that in every tribe, they have their own culture. That includes clothing, houses, languages, even food. Indonesian food is usually known as spicy with rich seasoning that makes it taste very rich. Indonesian food is mostly known as healthy food as it includes a lot of vegetables and fruit in […]

12 Must Eat Dishes in Makassar

Makassar has always been a great destination for traveling not only because its friendly residents or tourist destinations, the culinary dishes in Makassar have great taste as well.  If you are interested in tasting Makassar signature dishes, you can come visit Makassar and experience it by yourself. makassar signature dishes are famous for being rich […]

Top 10 Famous Dessert in Indonesia – Sweet Taste

The term of dessert may be better known in western countries. Many of the citizens of Indonesia themselves are not familiar with this dessert term or often also referred to as dessert. Most Indonesians are not familiar with the tradition of appetizers, after eating not many of them go on to a cold or refreshing […]

12 Outstanding Facts of Indonesian Rice

Rice is like a “life” for the people of Indonesia. The society of Indonesia most often can not eat without this kind of food. It seems if you are Indonesians then have not eaten rice, you will say you haven’t eaten. The reason why rice becomes the staple food is because Indonesia is an agrarian […]

17 Amazing Facts About Indonesian Cuisine

Indonesian cuisine does have its own distinctive taste and taste, for the Indonesian people the cuisine is a reflection of an indigenous culture that so much variety. From Aceh to Papua have different tastes and spices, food and beverages also have different diversity. And each region has its own unique cuisine. Hence sample of fascinating […]

10 Typical Meals in Indonesia (#3 is Savory)

Indonesia is a country with so many island that lived by so many people from various tribes. Each tribe has their own tradition and culture which they’re inheriting from their ancestors. They keep doing rituals, appreciating their Majesty and nature, making and using traditional clothes, and also cooking deliciously peculiar meals of their own. Supported […]

Appetizing 15 Side Dishes of Indonesia

After talking some more about the traditional foods in Indonesia, we want to tell you some more about the side dish of Indonesia. Even though there are not that essential to our foods, but the side dishes surely bring more taste o the food, wich is good. See also: Traditional Cakes in Indonesia Traditional Food […]

15 Delicious Things to Eat in Bali

Bali is a heaven for travelers and it will be such a shame if you went to Bali without tasting Bali’s signature foods. Bali is well-known to have strong and spicy foods which will satisfy the foodies who come to Bali. See also : Things to Learn in Bali Family Activities in Bali 1. Ayam […]