9 Incredible World Heritage Sites in Indonesia

Indonesia has a lot of beautiful places completes with the unique history behind them. It’s not a surprise for us as Indonesian, if most of that place become a UNESCO ‘s world heritage sites. That makes the sites so incredible to visit. What Is a World Heritage Site? The world heritage site intends for the […]

6 Most Popular Online Games in Indonesia

Are you an online gamer? Do you like to play it while in your free time to kill the time or you give extra time to play it with your friends? If you are one of them, you should know well and familiar with the most popular online games in Indonesia. If you love football […]

10 Most Legendary Indonesian Snacks Of The ‘90s

Were you grew up in the 1990s? Or the earlier of 2000? Do you miss some Indonesian snacks at that time? Here we will review some most legendary Indonesian snacks of the ’90s. You must be familiar with all of them and will feel nostalgic when hearing their names. 1. Anakmas Anakmas is a roasted […]

Indonesia National Football Team – History, Achievements, and Legendary Players

So many Indonesians love to play football as one of the popular sports in Indonesia. They also love and are very loyal to support the national team. They love to wear the national team jerseys which are so easy to buy either in a modern or a traditional market in Indonesia. Indonesia national football team […]

Batik Solo – History and the Wise Values Behind Its Magnificent Patterns

Batik is one of the beautiful facts of Java island, Indonesia. Batik Solo is one of the most famous batiks in Central Java besides batiks from Pekalongan. Batik Solo has many rich designs and unique patterns from the Solo heritage. The magnificent designs make people fall in love with batik Solo. As we know, batik […]

7 Shocking Facts of Titan Arum – The Largest Native Flower in Sumatra

Titan arum is the largest native flower in Sumatra, Indonesia. This flower is famous and becomes the largest flower in the world which can bloom and grow up until about five meters. As one of the native plants of Indonesia, the flower is claimed as one of the best Indonesian national flowers in Indonesia. The […]

11 European Football Clubs Which Have the Most Supporters in Indonesia

The pace about to be a loyal supporter of the football club in Indonesia is well known to the wide world. They are not only being loyal to the local football club, but also football clubs around the world such as Europe. The supporter believes that the club will be stronger because they support the […]

5 Biggest and Most Valuable Startup Companies in Indonesia

The startup company in Indonesia is increasing rapidly through the growth of technology. As per 2019, Indonesia already has the biggest and most valuable startup companies in Indonesia. There are five startup companies that we will discuss here as they awarded as the biggest and the most valuable startup companies in Indonesia. The startup companies […]

5 Most Famous Bands in Indonesia

The evolution of Indonesian music industry grows rapidly. It shows that the variant of music in Indonesia is more diverse from time to time, including music characteristics from Indonesian bands. The Indonesian bands provide a typical kind of music that brings any vibes through the fans. The brief history of Indonesian music, especially music bands, […]

5 Most Prominent Movie Directors in Modern Indonesian Film Industry

Indonesian film industry becomes larger from time to time. Many epic Indonesia movies are directed by good directors. Their idea is poured perfectly into the movie so that it makes the audience love to enjoy the movies. Some directors can make their movies become highly recommended movies to watch than other movies. They come with […]