The Process of Getting Married in Bali

Getting married in a dreamy place like Bali must be every couple’s wedding goal. Not only the domestic couple, people or tourists from different countries are coming to get married in Bali. It is proven that Bali Indonesia is recognized by the nations in all around the globe. Many wedding ceremonies are held here, in […]

13 Most Recommended Hotels for Honeymoon in Bali

Bali is a heaven for all. It is such a perfect place for couples especially newlyweds to have honey moon in Bali. In order to support them to have a qualified yet romantic honey moon moments, this article will recommend some enormous hotels suitable for your honey moon period in Bali. You can get everything […]

12 Recommended Bali Photographers

Looking for a professional photographer who understands what you want and captures exactly what you desired is like looking for needle in a haystack. A pro photographer should have a very artistic eyes and should be able to translate what the client wants into a picture.  Photograph is one of the important aspects in life […]