12 Recommended Bali Photographers

Looking for a professional photographer who understands what you want and captures exactly what you desired is like looking for needle in a haystack.

A pro photographer should have a very artistic eyes and should be able to translate what the client wants into a picture. 

Photograph is one of the important aspects in life because memories fade but picture remains forever.

You may want to keep the best moments of your life for a lifetime in the form of album full of pictures, that way you will be able to remember each moment precisely.

In order to make your dream comes true, here are some best photographers in Bali that we would like to recommend. 

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1. Rudy Lin Photography

Rudy Lin captures precious moments to remember perfectly.

Rudy Lin has many professional photographer and videographer teams who work in Bali.

They are offering such an incredible services in photography for fashion, interior, human interest and stock pictures. 

The office can be found on Gatot Subroto 1 Street, Tonja, Denpasar, Bali. You can come to them and discuss about what you want to capture.

They offers a perfect bland of timeless and natural portraits, storytelling and emotive photography. Especially for those who want to married, they offer packages for prewedding and the wedding.

2. Danny Halim Photography

Danny Halim photography is a Bali-based one stop shop photography services.

The photography teams will do an excellent job capturing your memorable moments and will serve you a great outcomes after that. They will capture the beautiful smiles of your beloved people.

Specialized in wedding photography, Danny Halim Productions will give you the highest standard for artistic wedding photography in Bali.

They are ready to capture your memorable and wonderful wedding in the Island of Gods. Find them on Cokroaminoto Street, Denpasar, Bali. 

3. Gusmank Photography

Gusmank is passionate photographer in Bali for e has been being the Creative Director of Asia Weddings & Honeymoon magazine more than 5 years.

They mixed documentary coverage with beautifully crafted portraits, directing its clients to keep the moments authentic. Read more about Facts about Bali Food

His studio provides a wide range of photography services such as wedding and wedding photojournalism, pre-wedding or engagement, honeymon, as well as travel photography.

Fortunately, they are based in Bali but they are open for destination wedding all around the world. You can find the studio on Tirta Nadi Street, Denpasar, Bali.

4. D’studio Photography

D’studio produces impressive photography for you to flashback on your special moments.

The team supports the clients for a variety of beach side family portraits or a candid surprise. D’studio will satisfy you and will make you happy with the shoots.

Looking at the outcomes, the teams have a special touch to always take you straight back to that special moments. Read more about Things Must do in Canggu Bali

It addresses on Gunung Kerinci Street, Lane 1 No. 4, Denpasar, Bali. Their tagline is unique as well which is KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid!). Surprisingly it becomes the core of their great shoots.

5. Bali Pixture 

The teams love to shoot natural but emotional picture of the love of couple in a natural background.

They have such an artistic eye which is very good for the shooting. They love to combine the beauty of the lovers with the backdrop from the surroundings. 

Bali pixture team is formed in 2012 by Bayu and Ivony, they have succeed to gave their best services to hundred of events (weddings and other events) inside or outside Bali Island.

The team is very friendly therefore they could build chemistry well with the clients to produce stunning pictures. The location of their studion is on Tukad Balian No. 43, Denpasar, Bali. 

6. Gusde Photography

Best moment in life does not come twice, it just happened once in a lifetime.

In order to help you capturing a moment to remember, Gusde team can be the best helper. Read more about Places Must Visit Markets in Bali

The team is focusing on how to capture its clients’ best moments. Most importantly, the team is treating clients not merely as customers but friends. 

Beside noticing that a memory can be cherished for a lifetime through a picture, they are very fond to capture your best expressions.

They are well-known for its smooth sailing, friendliness, and of course, professionalism. Located in Patih Nambi Street, Denpasar, Bali, Guste team is waiting for you. 

7. Ricky & Co. Photography 

Ricky & Co. are best friends who sail in the same boat.

They loved photography even since they were teenagers then they realized that it is beyond than just a hobby.

Both of them started running business in 2005 however the first studio was opened in Surabaya.  Read more about Places must visit restaurants in Surabaya

After they had a studio in Bali, they gained glorious recognition as one of the best photographers in Bali.

They have abundant creativity for they served clients to have a cinematic style of shooting. You can find them on Pulau Serangan No. 19, Denpasar, Bali. 

8. Veli Photography

If you are familiar with a professional photographer Veli Yanto whose works were showcased the colorful of Bali, Veli photography is the brainchild of him.

He has been focusing on how to shoot and exposing the beauty of Balinese landscape through his works. 

As for wedding photography purposes, Veli notices that there are many unexpected things happened in a wedding. Read more about Best Place in Bali for Family Holiday

Therefore he uses this fact to produce candid and real shots that can convey his clients’ emotions during that special moments. You can reach him to Pulau Moyo Preum Jadi Pesona Street, Denpasar, Bali.

9. Diktat Photography

Dikjtat team provides amazing shots for amazing photos.

The team lives in a unique place to equally produce a unique photo.

They are very skilled in producing photos in natural surroundings while taking the advantage of natural beauty such as sunlight on their lenses. 

The location of the studio is on Batu Sepih Street, Gianyar, Bali. Diktat is the name of the founder, and of course, photography is his hobby.

He makes the photography session easy and fun. You may contact them to have a piece of work art.

10. Terralogical Photography

Terralogical is the name of photography creative team in Bali.

They focus to capture memories that last a lifetime by serving the touch of creativity and photojournalism.

The team will highlight the natural interaction the most.  Read more about recommended places where to spend Christmas in Indonesia

Terralogical team will be able to capture an authentic emotions and situations.

Not only that, bloopers and randomness are also increasing their crafts. Find them on Sekar Jepun Street, Denpasar, Bali, and get amazing photographs that last a lifetime!


  • Dominik Photography: Dominik is ranked first as the number one of international wedding photographer in Bali. He combines photojournalism with fine art photography.
  • Jimie Photography: He is another photography genius in Bali. He has been done professional photography for 4 years in Bali. The style of his photography is photo-journalistic with warm, candid, and natural-looks.