7 of the Best Hangouts in Bali for Celebrating New Year

We should not go far or abroad for celebrating new year even, you can enjoy the festive celebration in Indonesia such as in Bali island. To celebrate new year in Bali, it can be as a special moment especially, if we celebrate it together with close relatives. Not only domestic tourists assume Bali which is […]

14 Best places in Bali for Tourists Spending New Years Eve Together

Celebrating the New Year in Bali among the famous Bali beaches clubs, nightclubs, bars, and rooftops. These places allow you to make your way into the new year in different ways. You can party hard until countdown begins, or even stay up late at most beach clubs. It is another reason going to Bali for […]

New Years in Indonesia – Traditions – Places

New Year is an occasion that is always celebrated merrily in all over the world. The New Year celebration in Indonesia is also always lively and attracts tourists from all over the world to enjoy the celebration that may not be found in the other country. Every year, thousands tourists come to witness the unique […]