7 Best Beaches in Indonesia

Known as the largest archipelago country in the world, Indonesia has a huge amount of exotic beaches. No need to worry about tourist sites since every island you go, there are always tons of choices of beaches that make you agape. Here are the seven best beaches listed only for you. 1. Pink Beach What […]

6 Things Only You Can Find in Lombok

Many Indonesian people mistaken that Lombok was taken from the Javanese languange that means chili. Lombok comes from the Sasak languange which is “Lomboq”, this means straight. History said that Lomboq is given to remember the long journey of the ancestor of Lombok when they find the island. As time flies Lomboq turns into Lombok […]

10 Interesting facts of Island Hopping in Belitung

Have you ever been in an island tour? A tour where you visit several places in one time? Imagine how it feels, jumping to one place to another in a day. It might be like visiting Disney and trying its mode in a day. It must be exciting, mustn’t it? But it’s not a playground […]

7 Amazing things To Do In Gili Ketapang (worth to try!)

For those who don’t know Probolinggo, it’s one of the best city in East Java to spend a vacation. Located in south east of Surabaya, It has natural tourism site, cultural heritage, museums, and cultural events. Also, Probolinggo gets a nickname “Kota Seribu Taman (City of Thousand Gardens)” for its urban planning. One of its […]

10 Facts of The Eastern Island in Indonesia, Papua

Papua is one of the interesting island in Indonesia. Located in east Indonesia, it’s directly bordered with Papua New Guinea as its neighbour. Papua has around 800.000 km in wide making it the largest island in Indonesia and the 2nd biggest island in the world. Originally, it consists of one province, Papua. But in 2003, […]

Get To Know About Sumba Island, Another Paradise in Indonesia

Sumba is an island located in Nusa Tenggara Timur Province. It has four administrative regions; Sumba Barat (West Sumba), Sumba Barat Daya (Southwest Sumba), Sumba Tengah (Central Sumba), and Sumba Timur (East Sumba). The most advanced city in the island is Waingapu, in East Sumba. It has an airport and a harbour connecting Sumba with […]

Tourist Attractions You Must See In West Bali

From deluxe places of staying, abounding water activities, local restaurants, to peculiar sightseeings, West Bali has it all. Going to Bali in the western part offers these amazing places you don’t have to share it with throngs of other tourists. Here are some must-see places in West Bali. From deluxe places of staying, abounding water […]

14 Useful Tips Travel To Bali For First-Timers

You who are currently having plans to travel on the island of Bali. Incidentally, this is the first time you visit, then the thing that you should do is prepare everything quite mature. So you do not become a bother when arriving at the destination. Hence things must not do in Bali Indonesia. Bali is indeed the […]

14 Best places in Bali for Tourists Spending New Years Eve Together

Celebrating the New Year in Bali among the famous Bali beaches clubs, nightclubs, bars, and rooftops. These places allow you to make your way into the new year in different ways. You can party hard until countdown begins, or even stay up late at most beach clubs. It is another reason going to Bali for […]

10 Incredible Facts of Java Island

Java is an island in Indonesia with a population of 136 million. The island is the most densely populated island in the world and is one of the most densely populated areas in the world. This island is inhabited by 60% of Indonesia’s population. The capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta, is located in western Java. […]