7 Most Marginalized Indigenous Religions of Indonesia

The first principle of Indonesian political philosophy, Pancasila, demands Indonesian to believe in one God. However, it is only limited to six official religions: Islam, Protestantism, Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Confucianism. Other than those big religions, especially the indigenous religions of Indonesia, are often marginalized.  Facts about the Indonesian religion recorded the indigenous religions of […]

17 Famous Holidays in Indonesia for Tourists

Who doesn’t love holidays? Almost every person on this planet loves this little thing called holiday. Why? Becasue during holiday, they can finally release some stress becasue of the work, school, or campus activities by doing anything they want like going on somewhere, playing with some friends, or just chilling at home with some nachos […]

17 Unique Beliefs in Indonesia – Faith

We’ve already took a little bit look at some of the list of another 17. Top 17 dishes, Top 17 foods or maybe for just some usual stuff in Indonesia. However, now e’re going into some other thing in human life, belief. Like you can see, in Indonesia there are many beliefs that people have […]