List of 17 Hangout Spots in Bali You Must Visit : Unique, Fun, and Memorable

So, let us continue our exploration to the island of Bali. Last time, we talked about the natural places, dominated with virgin and quietness, they are required to bring calm in mind in order to bring inspiration. But today, we’re gonna talk about something different, something relaxable as well, but way merrier, the hangout places. […]

The 16 Interesting Places in Bali to Find Inspiration : Locations of Peacefulness

In the last article, we mainly talked about the legendary island in Indonesia, Komodo Island, where you can see the living legends. There’s also an island located nearby, the island you all know, an island that has the title of Heavenly or Godly island by some, Bali island. Have you ever visited this gem of […]

The List of 14 Reasons Why Is Komodo Island Famous : What May Interest You

It’s like a never ending story when talking about nature in Indonesia. God blessed the country with a lot of things we can see, witness, and remember. Those interesting and wonderful-looking natural attractions are some of them. Many people around the world want to see the beauty of Indonesia. Related topics: Guide to diving in […]

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Hello again everyone, welcome to another article in Facts of In the previous article, we were talking about the things you can find in the area of Bintan Island, Riau. As you may see, it has a lot of interesting areas you can visit, especially the natural ones. This time, still in the area […]

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It was a long time indeed and finally, we meet again to talk about the beauty of Indonesia, our beloved country. In the previous articles, we mentioned some information about the cultures of Indonesia such as the Sundanese language and the Javanese arts. But this time, let us relax a bit to an exclusive island […]

The History of Sundanese Language : 8 Things You Should Know

So, after telling you about the restaurants, the Sundanese ones in two different areas, Jakarta and Bali, we want to dig deeper into the culture of Sunda. This time, we’re gonna learn about the language that unites all West Java areas together, the Sundanese language. It’s one of the traditional languages you can find in […]

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In the previous article, we mentioned the best restaurants where you can have yourself the nice menus of Javanese meals in the best Javanese restaurants you can find on the Godly island of Bali. As you can see, finding the things that are common in Bali is indeed really possible, even though they can be […]

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What a beautiful country. Indonesia always stands to be this colorful region with a lot of things to explore, starting from getting close to the people of Indonesia to the wonderful culinary world. As you may know already, the foods in this country are always so variative. Each region brings a unique characteristic that may […]

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So what do you think about our previous discussion about learning some of the beautiful and meaningful Javanese words? Are they interesting enough for you? Or you want to finish just now? Hold your horses. In Indonesia, there are many islands still to explore. About the West side of Java, you can meet the possibly […]

15 Beautiful Words in Javanese Language : Wise and Meaningful Phrases

After telling you about the Javanese culinary you can find in Jakarta city, let’s dig some more into the core of Javanese culture. Aside from telling you about the arts and traditional stuff of Java island, we also want to take you closer with learning about the Javanese language. Have you familiar with it? Related […]