10 Beautiful Indonesian Traditional Dance You Should Know From East Java

East Java is one of the most populated region in Indonesia. With Javanese tribe dominating the region, the lifestyle and cultural practice are heavily influenced by Javanese tradition. From the language used between old and young people to clothes wore, Javanese people tends to live with tight rule and respect toward each other. Among those […]

13 Fascinating Facts of Indonesian Saman Dance

Saman Dance is a typical Gayo tribe dance performed to celebrate important events in adat. The song lyric in Saman dance using Gayo Language. Saman Dance is set by UNESCO as the Intangible Cultural Heritage Presentation Representative List in the 6th Session of the Intergovernmental Committee for the Protection of Cultural Heritage Not the UNESCO […]

Brief History of Bali Dance – Explanation

One of the mainstay of tourism island of Bali is a unique variety of culture. Various traditional arts you can find when vacationing on this island. One of them is the staging of various types of traditional dance, whether on the entertainment stage, cultural parks, as well as in the temple area. Bali has dozens […]

10 Traditional Dance In West Java

Indonesia is a country rich in tradition, customs and culture, as well as a variety of tribal languages as well as regional dances. Not only 1, 2 but hundreds of kinds of cultural diversity that became a tourist attraction and beautiful art and also unique. One example is the art of dance, a beautiful and […]

Traditional Dance in Papua Indonesia

A traditional dance is often used as an expression of culture by a particular group of people. It may symbolise the many things that the group has to face in their daily life. The traditional dance may also hold a valuable cultural element that must be celebrated. Papua is a province in Indonesia that is […]

17 Fascinating Facts About Indonesian Dance

In the development of the history of dance art in Indonesia has existed since the time of the ancestors until now growing rapidly. The art of dance has a level and has its own meaning among other art. Here are some fascinating facts about Indonesia literature. With the development of the era, dance is growing rapidly […]

20 Traditional Dances in East Java You Should Know

East Java is a province located in the Eastern part of Java Island. It is an area of 47,922 km ² covering 38 cities and regencies. In the field of art and dance, East Java has a variety of dance art that has been well known by the people of Indonesia or even the world. […]

Top 15 Famous Folk Dances in Indonesia

Indonesia is rich with tribes and customs therefore Indonesia has thousands local culture heritage which needs to be preserved. Cultural education can be done simply by spreading information related to the local cultures such as traditional foods, weapons, customs, dances, costumes, etc. The articles below will be an important information about the folk dances in […]

Monkey Dance in Bali – History – Performance

Monkey dance is one of Bali performing art presentation that is known throughout the world as it’s integrated the complicated level of percussion vocal sound, movement, and folklore. Monkey Dance or Kecak dance is one of the kinds of traditional dance from Bali which is very impressive to the audience. The uniqueness of the movements […]

Top 15 Indonesian Folk Dance [#5 is So Ethnic)

Like we all know, Indonesia is the heaven of cultures. Many unique things can be found here, one of them is the dances. Indonesia has its own customs dances, based on their religion. Every region has their own special dance that different from other areas. Some of them also considered rare to see. See also […]