15 Unforgettable Activities in Flores You Must Do

Indonesia Tourism is now highly promoted by the government. Flores is one of them that got big focus. Saving many beauty, this destination won’t lost if compared with any other places in Indonesia that reach its peak earlier.

If you are curious about what can be done there, here’s some tips for you: 15 Unforgettable Activities You Must Do in Flores.

1. Come to Festival Kelimutu

This is a newly festive held for the first in 2012. Kelimutu Feast is heald to introduce investation product in 2. Indonesia, especially in East Nusa Tenggara.

There are bazzars selling various home-made traditional food. To absorb attention from tourists, local government present traditional activities.

In 2017, it takes a week to celebrate Kelimutu feast. This is an annual agenda and everyone’s always waiting for this feast.

2. Visit Kampung Wae Rebo

Feel the sense of Indonesia by looking through the culture. Every tribe’s culture is unique, and here, you can find a different shape of a house.

Mbaru Niang, traditional house for Manggarai’s tribe is ready to make you impressed.

Based on the covenant, these seven houses must be preserved generation by generation.

Nowadays, people can stay in this village and doing a Waelu’u ritual is cumpolsary before get some activities in Wae Rebo village.

3. Stargazing the Milky Way

If you go to Wae Rebo, please try to stay for several night because this village is one of the best place to see  Milky Way in Indonesia.

Surrounding by trees and clean environment, the night sky will be a great view for  people who live in metrapollitan city.

In serenity, stargazing experience will send a different experience and this is one good way to spend the night.

Therefore, don’t forget to capture the sky with your camera or phone.

4. Visit the Exile ex-house of Soekarno

President Soekarno is frequently predicated as a great president from Indonesia. He is the proclamator for Indonesia’s Independence along with Mr. Hatta.

His life journey was not easy and exile was a friend to him. In 1934, he was taken to Ende and had exile for 4 year before he moved to Bengkulu for another seclution.

The house was renovated then in 2012, and got a lot visitation from locals, and country placemans.

5. Touring in Komodo National Park

Many people obviously want to see what ancient world is like if he is given a chance. Well, Flores contribute to realize that wish. In Rinu land, you can see the biggest primordial lizard in the world.

A male species can reach 2,6 m long with 79-91 kg weight . It’s much higher than you!

This animal has been on many media claimed as the most dangerous creep species. It is not a venomous animal but the effect of bitten by creature is fatal.

6. Touch the pink sand on the Pink Beach

White sand? It’s ordinary. Black sand? Sounds quite interesting. But Pink sand? Everyone seldom imagine it.

Pink beach is one of the seven pink-sand beaches in the world. Just like the beaches in common, Pink Beach is a place for diving and snorkelling.

This beach can be used for camping, but a lot of visitors tend to sleep at boat or seek for accommodation at Labuan Bajo.

There isn’t any rent here, so you better have your stuff for snorkelling or diving.

7. Snorkeling and Diving at Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo is on its peak to promote East Nusa Tenggara as a right choice for travelling. When you decide to go to Labuan Bajo, you won’t run out of places to visit and activities to do. This is like a complete package.

Padar, Kanawa, Rinca, and Kelor Island are located at Labuan Bajo. Snorkelling and diving maybe become classic things to do, but your journey is not tearful if you miss this activities.

Farther, the beauty of Raja Ampat is mentioned oftentimes can be captured by Labuan Bajo, of course with a lower budget.

8. Jumping from Cunca Walung waterfall

What makes this waterfall special is because the presence of canyon. In a blink, Cunca Walung is deserved ‘Mini Grand Canyon’ title.

Make sure your body is in fit condition if you want to reach this waterfall.

You will go 6 km by tracking with a local guide and estimated time for 50 minutes. Swimming is permitted since the depth is not high.

If you want to jump, better to ask to the guide if it is safe enough or not. Another option is to climb the cliff around.

9. Waiting for Sunset in Kalong Island and see a colony of bats

When people always connected Sunset to Bali, you can have different experience here.

Sunset is not just a sunset for you, but you will given a dramatic scenery: Bats on Sunset!

Furthermore, it is located 8 km from Labuan Bajo, you can use boat to arrive in this island.

However this land is not provide accommodation.

10. Hiking on the hill in the Kanawa Island

You probably want to dive and snorkelling in the Kanawa Island, but tracking can be other good choice to enjoy the beauty of Kanawa Island.

Because this island is small, why not try to see the whole view of Kanawa? By hiking on the hill you can find more beautiful spots to take selfie and photo.

Morevoer, you can gain and experience another benefit to see sunset from the hill.

11. Swimming with Manta Ray

If you love animal, this must be sounds so exciting. You won’t miss this activity.

For you who purely want to know how it feels, don’t hesitate to try. You will be protected by the tour guide.

Manta Ray is one of the biggest ray in the world.Its width can reach 9 m. This species is not dangerous, but near threatened animal.

This one surely  will be your unforgettable memory, especially for scuba diving lover. Beside Komodo National Park, Nusa Penida Bali, Sangalaki-Derawan, Alor and Raja Ampat are the places for Manta Ray.

12. Nautical recreation by attending Nuhanera Festival

Arranged in Lembata, this annual festival has the same purpose with Kelimutu festival to attract more tourists. The difference is Nuhanera Festival create some competitions so that tourists can participate actively.

There are tradional boot paddling competition, boats parade,underwater photography, and frenzy fishing. The leader of culture and tourism agency hope that by having this festival, the society can thrive and and become independent.

13. Historical tour in Liang Bua Cave

Do you get curious with the ancestors of locals? Some archeologists have done an investigation in 2001 and found the fossil of Homo Floresienses.

This fossil is believed as the ancestor of Flores tribes. This cave has ever used for school because of the big size. If you want to see Liang Bua Cave, you are suggested to be careful while driving the car because the road to the site is narrow and there are a lot of junctions

14. Sailing in Goat Island

You probably think that there will be goats in this island or anything related to goats, but in fact, there isn’t. Goat island is a beautiful island with a white-sand beach and hill,covered with fresh air.

From the size side, it is smaller than other islands in Komodo Archipelago. The coral inside is pretty variegated but the the tide is strong enough. Shark can be found in some dive spots.

Tour services are available to accompany you to explore Goat Island. Read more about Daily Activities in Indonesia

15. See yourself not in front of mirror, but in front of the stone!

It seems impossible to use stone as a mirror, but in Flores, it’s a real experience.

It created from the chemical and geographical proccess is believed to make this stone can reflect ourself.

If you forget to bring mirror, don’ worry. It means you have an oppurtunity to go to Mirror Stone Cave around the centre city of Labuan Bajo.

Finally, those are some activities that you can do when you visit Flores, Indonesia to gain another experience to create memories for your old stories.