The 14 Wonderful Places for Incredible Adventures Experience in Indonesia

For many people around the globe, seeking the destinations in order to prove themselves to be a true adventurer could be troublesome. The reason behind this is, the condition of the natural attractions that they wanted to visit, is not as good as they hope for. In the end, they’re just gonna meet the long-forgotten […]

14 Places To Create Romance Vibes With Partner in Bali

Feeling that the term falling in love is truly very soul-rattling. People who are in love feel like the world is theirs. They would like to always being together, combining love and attention. When both eyes meet and stare, only burning passion of wanting to spend time together lingers. Well, those of you who are […]

Top 10 Best Five Star Hotel in Bandung

Bandung is the capital of West Java with many stunning natural attractions. If you are familiar with Bandung, you are definitely no stranger to a cool city and friendly locals. Not only that, Bandung is also famous for some very tasty traditional Sundanese food. If you want to vacation in Bandung for a few days, […]

Best Must Visit Restaurants in Jakarta With Unique Theme – Top 13

So, in the previous article, we’ve told you about the best cafes that open 24 hours long in Jakarta city. Surely they look great. Now, instead of a cafe, we want to share some information about the restaurants in the city. Of course we’re not gonna describe the usual ones like fast food restaurants, but […]

10 Beautiful Royal Palaces in Indonesia  You can Visit

Indonesia is one country with thousands of historic relics. Before the formation of the Republic of Indonesia, this region was an area consisting of several kingdoms with the Most Beautiful Royal Palace which still stands even though it is hundreds of years old. In fact, you can visit it as your tourist destination. Some of […]

10 Incredible Facts of Java Island

Java is an island in Indonesia with a population of 136 million. The island is the most densely populated island in the world and is one of the most densely populated areas in the world. This island is inhabited by 60% of Indonesia’s population. The capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta, is located in western Java. […]

12 Must Visit Beaches in Lombok

Indonesia has been known for its natural beauty and people friendliness since so long. Moreover one of the big cities in Indonesia is becoming a tourist attraction,which is, Bali. However there are still many places in Indonesia available with each distinct beauty. Best Beaches in Indonesia near Singapore Popular Coral Reefs in Indonesia One of […]

15 Famous Cities in Indonesia You Must Visit

Many people in the world are very interested in visiting Indonesia. Some sources even released that one of the islands in Indonesia called Bali is the most visited place in the world. In fact, there are so many other interesting places in Indonesia that are equally interesting from Bali. As we know that Indonesia consists […]

Recommended Places of Where to Spend Christmas in Indonesia

Christmas is always be awaiting moment for all of Christians in the world. The happiness during the Christmas will no felt completed without having your family. Sometimes you get confused to decide where you spend your Christmas without losing the Christmas moment with your family. You might feel bored to visit Vatican or Paris, so […]

10 Most Favorite Places for Unique Dessert in Bali

For those who like dessert and are going to go to Bali in the next trip, don’t worry. It is because Bali not only serves a really good view and scenery, but also good food includes dessert. It has been several years since there are many food influencers start to make their own businesses in […]