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17 Interesting Daily Activities in Indonesia

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As Indonesian people, of course in day to day activities we usually do something that the people in other countries don’t. It’s part of the habit and Indonesian culture. The things like eating with right hand, and also londrying outside houseis common in here.


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But, beside those activities, there are some daily activities in Indonesia, that you can also find in another country. We include them all in this article today. To see more about them, let’s jump into the things below :

1. Walking

As the first activity, the Indonesian people really like to walk, everywhere, except for going to work and vacation. The usual things like buying some products in market, or just looking for nearest restaurant, usually done by the walking.

But this activity is keep decreasing from yar to year, because the people have more advancd economy than before. They really like to spend money on transportation first, and then followed by technology. But for people in the villages, they keep doing thus thing, especially to reduce the transport budget.

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2. Motorbike Riding

Like mentioned on the paragraph above, the Indonesian people relaly interested in motorbike. You an see the examples in the image, where people with motorcylce shown in there.

It’s not a strange thing in here, to see much motorcycle on every hour within a day. That’s why, many motor producers for foreign countries started to gain their names in here. Because the demand and supply are met.

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3. Hop on Public Transportation

For the people who don’t have their own vehicle, they can take a ride with the public transportations served by the government. There are mainly buses and trains, named TransJakarta and Metro mini for the bus.

With the cheap price of ticket and also a tight hour for going tow work or school, the people really depend on the public transportations there days. But now,with the online one, they can have another alternative to save the time.

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4. Kopdar / Meeting Up

Because most Indonesianare socialist, they really having some fun if gathering with people, who have the same interest and also hobby. And for keeping the group together, they need to do the activity of meeting up, or in Indonesia called Kopdar.

The event basically just meeting up, seeing new people in the group while chatting about certain topics before actually going to do something fun like eating, club driving, etc. For the community, it’s a really good thing.

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5. Nongkrong / Hanging Out

After the meeting up, there’s another term for club gathering. Hanging Out. Yep, there are no better activities either for the club, friends, or family member to spend the day than hanging out.

The places are variable, it can be someone’s house, malls, or restaurant which is the mainstream one. Whatever the place is, the point of the activity is stronging the bond of members to be more firm and solid.

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6. Ngapel / Girlfriend Visit

This activity which also based on culture is called Ngapel. The activity is basically just visiting either the girlfriend or biyfriend house, but mostly is’t the girlfriend’s. For the couple who happen to have low budget, this can be used for the romantic and fun activity for two.

Especially if the girl still live with her parents, it can be used as a way to introduce yourself to her family, and make yourself worthy for them. With several times visiting them, they will finally know your character, and give you blessing based on that.

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7. Eating Using Hand

For eating, we would like to use the right hand, for eating foods like lalapan, tempe penyet, or maybe Nasi Padang. It’s pretty simple way of eating and also clean, because before you eat, it’s recommended to wash your hand first.

After that, you can finally have your meal without worrying about anything. But if you eat the foods like soup, maybe you should think twice fo using your hand. Nevertheless, this traditional way of eating is everyone’s favorite.

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8. Dancing

As a country of culture, Indonesia has several unique arts, in the way of dancing especially. The dances in Indonesia are so many, spreading all across the nation from west to east. While there are some different kind of dances, you can also practically study them in here.

Usually there are some dance classes in your area, which can tel you exactly about the movement, the character, and the way to dance that exact traditional dance. You cna also meet some people in there, which is also have the interest to learn some more about the dance. With the passion everywhere, you can feel the positive energy in the class.

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9. Silver Crafting

And after dancing, there’s also one culture, the crafting. For the crafting, Indonesia has several items of crafting, one of them is this silver crafting. This is a very unique and beautiful from of craft, that can be seen on several areas in Indonesia.

For example, there’s place in Yogykarta called Kotagede, which is like the center of silver crafting in there. In Bali, there’s also one. In those places, you can see directly the processof making them, and even seing the product you want in process.

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10. Mask Crafting

Other than one crafting above, there is mask crafting. This is another kind of wood crafting, which is developed in some regions in Indonesia. Kinds of masks in Indonesa also keep growing until now.

The masks can also be used for several activities, like cultural ceremony and also promotion. The process of making it is not that easy, it requires talents and skills of the maker. But, if you want to learn about that, you can visit the best mask producers in here, Indonesia.

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11. Kerokan / Body Scraping

The next activity is included as one method to release a disease, is called Kerokan. Keroan is an activity is scraping the body either with a smooh edged coin or another tools, using the additional thing like massaging oil.

This method is usually used if the people start catching cold and flu. Kerokan, is also recommended for the middle age till old people. For the kids? They can have better medication that not involving this activity.

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Not only those 10 activities, Indonesian people also do these seven activites that including the carfting and the famous kerokan :

  1. Wood Crafting
  2. Surfing
  3. Newspaper Selling
  4. Touring
  5. Bycicle Riding
  6. Visiting Traditional Market

So that’s our complete list of the 17 daily activities in Indonesia. There are some activities that only can be found within the country of Indonesia, and some of them are pretty common thing. It’s so nice to see the daily activities in Indonesia, because we can see the typical Indonesian culture reflected from those activities.

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