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15 Dating Norms In Indonesia

by Tri Agustina

Every living thing must be destined to pair with each other. Each partner certainly hopes to have a good, beautiful and handsome partner physically, it’s nice if invited to discuss, smart, slim and so on. Many of course a series of types of couples that everyone hopes. In this increasingly modern life, every dating style of each person is different. Hence Indonesian cultural norms you have to know.

However, it would be nice to keep abreast of the rules and social norms in accordance with the rules in the Indonesian environment and country. Many foreign cultures that enter our country in any form, can be from entertainment, film, gadget, internet, social media and so on. There are good benefits and also badness, as a polite person you should be able to limit yourself and also be introspective in dating to stay healthy and be in a normal corridor.

Next, we examine what Dating Norms In Indonesia applies in religious circles and environments, see the example below:

1. Before Dating Meet First Who Your Partner Is

It’s good before you decide to date your partner, you need to know the ins and outs of personal and good partner history. Do not let you be disappointed after deciding to date him. Get to know in detail and also understand the nature and attitude that is displayed, not because it is just beautiful or handsome, it turns out that he is an unfaithful type. Here are some examples of cultural norms in Bali that you can understand.

2. Understand Your Purpose and Purpose of Dating

Dating norms In Indonesia that you can do is understand about the purpose and purpose of your dating. Sometimes going out in adolescence and adulthood is different in mission and vision, if you are dating just happy – then you should be careful and not careless. However, if you really intend to be serious and focus on dating with the aim of getting married, then you must begin to be responsible and committed to your goal of dating seriously. Some of the business etiquette in Bali all about norms and attitude.

3. Dating Doesn’t Mean It Can Be As Instant

Many people think that if you are dating then anything can be done to your partner. Well, that’s the wrong perception, indeed if the courtship world feels beautiful and full of glory. However, if the lust that speaks and cannot be dammed in the sense of dating has justified various ways. So this is wrong, choose a dating style that does not harm or harm the couple. Healthy dating can certainly make your relationship with your partner more durable and healthy. Here are the rules and also social norms in Indonesia you should understand.

4. Prioritize Communication and Positive Activities in Dating

Dating norms in Indonesia, what is important to do is to take advantage of dating moments by communicating well. This is so that each other can get to know each other more closely and deeply, not just dating using lust alone. If necessary, make your courtship time by doing positive activities, developing your talents, sharing stories about dreams and dreams, working on problems with solutions and bright ideas or doing business together. It’s much more fun, isn’t it?. You have to know some of the family norms in Aceh their beliefs.

5. Use Courteous Words and Actions

When you are dating, you should be able to maintain not only your passions but your words. Use polite words and calm your partner’s heart, this can make your partner more comfortable and trust you.

Avoid by mentioning or berating your partner when you fight and don’t let your partner be disappointed because of your rude words. Every couple is happy with a polite, friendly, and uplifting style of speaking because someone will feel comfortable with their partner who gives a positive aura. And also the important thing about norms in Yogyakarta you should know when you have been there.

6. Choose a Crowded and Unloved Dating Place

As long as you are dating a partner, then the dating norms in Indonesia that must be maintained are dating in a crowded place. If you need enough to date at your woman’s partner’s house, this is to avoid negative prejudices from female parents and maintain the mandate and responsibility.

A good place for dating besides being busy is also not too dark, like having dinner at a restaurant, walking in an entertainment center, or reading a book together. This is much safer and healthier of course. The facts about general attitudes in Indonesia which is still held to date.

7. Request Permission from Parents of a Female Partner

Another good rule and norm of dating in Indonesia are by asking permission from the female parents. This has become a good tradition so that female parents feel their children are in safe and healthy hands.

With parental permission, you are obliged to deliver your female partner according to the curfew rules applied by her parents. And to avoid undisciplined actions and maintain the honor of your female partner. The following is an explanation of the brief history of women’s right Indonesia.

8. Use Clothes That are Polite When Dating

When you are dating a partner, you should use clothes or clothes that are polite and pleasing to the eye. This is certainly as an expression if you give good respect to your partner, of course, every time you want to meet your partner you want to look cool, attractive and fragrant isn’t it? So try to dress up neatly and also fragrant, so that your partner feels comfortable and does not feel disappointed by choosing you as his partner. Aspects and some Indonesian family values all about attitude.

9. Stay away from Despicable Actions

Even though you already have a partner that you want at this time, the thing that needs to be considered in dating norms in Indonesia is to avoid despicable acts. There are many events in which a couple cannot resist their lust, which makes their female partner’s victims of abuse.

Both verbal, physical and mental abuse. So before you officially become a husband or officially by marriage then stay away from unethical actions especially to make your partner embarrassed. Basic lessons and also role models of the importance of family in Indonesia.

10. Know Dating Rules

In dating things that are important for you to know are the rules. Such as curfew rules, dress codes, rules of conduct and also the rules for treating couples well, especially female partners.

You as a responsible partner must tell the rules that apply in an environment both at the spouse’s home and in his residence. The limit of dating is generally only until 10 pm. For this, you must understand and learn to be responsible for obeying these rules.


In addition, the dating norm in Indonesia that needs to be considered is:

  • Avoid sex before you formalize it in a marriage relationship and avoid having sex with a partner under early age. This can result in the suffering of the female partner and also the dangers of infectious diseases.
  • Dating should make you become a better human being and make use of it for positive activities full of good spirit. Things you should avoid regarding bad cultures in Indonesia.
  • Do not force the will to the couple to do bad things like stealing, lying or so forth. Choose positive activities as long as you are dating.
  • Stick to religious teachings when you are dating, so it is not easy to be tempted to do things that are forbidden by religion.
  • Avoid couples who demand excessive dating activities, while noting that it will contaminate the purpose of dating.

Such is the explanation of dating norms in Indonesia that you need to pay attention to, so as not to deviate from religious teachings and also the ethical culture in Indonesia.


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