17 Bad Cultures In Indonesia Need To Be Avoid

Culture is very strong with the habits that characterize the nation. Indonesia is well-known for its friendly culture and habits, friendly, helpful and tolerant among people. Here they are facts about Javanese culture that you should know.

But behind the good and good culture, there is also a bad culture of the nation that became a habit from the past until today. This is certainly not good to imitate, even should be removed from cultural habits. Because it can be bad for the mindset, character and also the attitude that has been very good and directed.

To know the bad culture in Indonesia that should not be done, here are some examples:

1. Likes Not on Time

Have you promised to meet with friends or clients on a given day and hour? Suddenly at the meeting, it turns out your friends or clients arrive late. This often happens to the people of Indonesia, not timely in making arrangements or meetings. This has become a bad habit both home environment, office, school and government agencies themselves. The following examples interesting facts about culture and art in West Sumatra.

2. Culture Lazy Queue

Often you see and feel when you are going to buy or pay for a thing, suddenly you get hacked by someone who directly faces to pay or buy something without queuing behind you. Looks trivial, but the impact is certainly very unethical.

At a time when other developed countries already understand the culture queued precisely the state of Indonesia to date is very minimal awareness of queue and discipline in doing something. These are easy ways how to preserve Indonesian culture.

3. Removing Waste Out of Place

No doubt the character of our nation in terms of this one is still left behind from neighboring countries like Singapore. Often we encounter either schoolchildren who note bene educated children or Those who sit sweetly in a luxury car (regardless of status) while his car drove down the highway, from the car window out hand that throw bottles of drinks at will on the side of the road.

4. Smoking Haphazard

This is often a dilemma for non-smokers. In an association in a crowded room with audiences, the smokers do not hesitate to act out the smoke of their nicotine. Though around it there are various kinds of human beings who are not always smokers, such as the Mothers, children, and toddlers who finally inevitably have to inhale the smoke of harmful nicotine without their will.

Even in air-conditioned rooms though they often do not care, but plastered with clear text ” PROHIBITED NOT SMOKE ”. They are characteristics of Indonesian work culture.

5. Crossing The Road Is Out of Place

Though there is a bridge crossing the road, there are still many Indonesian people who like to cross in the wrong way. This habit is dangerous and can lead to accidents and collisions on the road.

However still many people do not pay attention to it, although it is clear the road markings are made with the writing is prohibited cross. Here’s the traditional marriage culture in Indonesia.

6. Trade At Any Place

Selling is not wrong, it is one of the halal ways to make a living for the family, but if the sale place wrong and not the right, let alone selling on the sidewalk which is the right for pedestrians. Of course, this is against the rules and makes the pedestrian uncomfortable and free to walk.

This is still a big scourge for the Indonesian government because it is not orderly and irregular. You need to know Baduy tribe culture, customs, and traditions.

7. Less Awareness Will Be Discipline

The consciousness of the discipline of the Indonesian people is still lacking, in any case. Examples are prohibited from littering, still being violated.

Culture queued, still lazy in line and many more examples. If this is left alone it will certainly become a habit even a person’s personal mental will be damaged due to awareness of bad discipline. Top of traditions and arts Culture of Yogyakarta.

8. Culture Likes Others

The habit of looking face in front of others, especially in the office. An employee likes to seek the face of his superiors with the intention that he is always trusted even the habit of vilifying others that lead to slander is very often encountered.

It is indeed difficult to avoid, wherever we are we will find such a thing. It has become an ingrained culture to this day. Top common habits fascinating Indonesian behavior you must to know.

9. The Culture of Corruption and Nepotism

Cultural habits of this one are very unfit to imitate. Even the punishment is very severe, but still, this is not a cure for people who do corrupt culture and nepotism. Although in religious and social terms this is very embarrassing and bad, not a few officials who do this.

How will the state be honest and true if the people of self-government apply and act fraudulently and dishonesty? What hurts society and the state is corruption and nepotism. This is to be dealt with firmly if necessary sanctions Fallon exacerbated so that the culprit deterrent. Following facts about Cultural Habits in Indonesia.

10. Anarchist Culture

Another bad culture is anarchist and brutal. Not infrequently see the action of fighting, fights between gangs, between tribes and so apply very anarchist. Not infrequently innocent people are targeted, not infrequently also a frequent destruction of public places, homes, shops, even the office of the police and military officers became a rampage.

Many vigilante events even arrive at brutal murders such as thieves burnt times, robbers who are persecuted to death and many more. This becomes very common even has become a serious and dangerous problem. Habits of dining etiquette in Indonesia.


There is still some bad culture in Indonesia that is not very good, here’s an example:

  • In achieving a goal to achieve the best results would require a long process. Unfortunately, not a few Indonesians who want to achieve something in an instant way. For example, some time ago there was a fake diploma because those who want an instant to reach the level of higher education. Until when would you want to be a person who does not want to proceed if you just want something instant?.
  • This dangerous habit is still underestimated by most Indonesians. Though the safety factor is the most important when driving on the road. Do not let us regret when we experience undesirable things on the road just for not wearing a helmet on the road. Characteristics and habits of School Life in Indonesia.
  • Neighboring countries, Singapore has strict rules about littering, even small things like throwing cigarette butts or spitting indiscriminately. Unfortunately, since Indonesia does not seem to have rules that discussed as much as that. This is also exacerbated by the awareness of the people who are still low with this trivial but very disturbing thing.
  • Gathered with friends, but not spent on sharing about work or other positive things. This is one of the bad habits that exist in our society, that is talking about other people. If talking about the accomplishments of others is certainly not a problem because it might be able to motivate us. The worst thing is they will talk about stupid things, lack of others, or even the disgrace of others. Following society lifestyle about eating habits in Indonesia.
  • Not infrequently the various public facilities were destroyed intentionally or unintentionally damaged by some people are not responsible. Starting from scribbling the walls, brawl damaging public facilities, to throwing stones into trains.
  • Bullying itself is a hard and cruel treatment to a particular individual or group. More precisely to mock or insult other people or groups that are considered weak. Bullying takes place in the school environment, work environment, and on the internet as in any social media. Usually, that is often a lot of bully is a new child, whether it’s a sister class in the school environment, which is still junior if in the work environment.
  • Indonesia is well acquainted with its consumptive country. If not wrong, since the 1970’s until now also still in the known country whose people are most fond of the named shopping. So naturally, if our country becomes a prima donna productive countries like Japan, China, Korea, to market their products.

Hopefully, the explanation of bad culture in Indonesia becomes our learning to be better cultured and eliminate bad habits so as to create a regular and safe condition.