14 Things You Didn’t Know About Indonesia Cuisine

You who like culinary and Indonesian specialties certainly know a lot of variety and taste that is served. From traditional cuisine to modern cuisine, all are offered with flavors that are of high quality and guaranteed pleasure. Indonesian cuisine is famous for its diversity as well as the delicious taste to be enjoyed. The list of […]

15 Logical Reasons Why We Love Indonesia

Our country Indonesia is a very rich and prosperous country. Maybe now most of us are less aware of the grandeur and wealth of our nation. We are residents of this nation. There is no other person we can rely on except ourselves to build this nation. We need to be proud and grateful to […]

13 Reasons Why Jakarta Do Car Free Day Every Sunday

In big cities, it is currently rife with car-free days. This certainly has a purpose, one of which is to overcome the level of pollution that is so prevalent in the capital. In addition, it also focuses on the health of the citizens of the city and its surroundings. The certainty is a positive goal […]

16 Reasons Why Indonesia is The Happiest Country

Being a safe country is certainly not enough, in addition to being safe it must also be able to make the residents in the country feel happy, safe and peaceful. Indonesia is one of the country that is able to guarantee the safety and happiness of the residents because it is a prosperous country and […]

15 Most Spiciest Dishes in Indonesia

Talking about Indonesia, it’s not enough by knowing only the history and heritage. Because there are many features of Indonesia that will make anyone be amazed and feel at home. There are diverse tours available in Indonesia, yet a choice of typical foods that are so tempting. Hence the must eat dishes in Indonesia that […]

12 Tips To Hiking Waterfalls in Bali Indonesia

You who like challenges such as hiking, diving, etc. should have good preparation so that your hobby can be expressed better. For instance, your hobby of climbing requires careful preparation so trivial matters can be handled without panic. The useful tips when you spend one week in Bali Indonesia. Thus, here are the following steps and […]

13 Tips To Socialize With Bali People Fast in A Polite Way

You won’t only enjoy the beauty of nature and its beaches in Bali but will also able to socialize with local people. Bali is particularly filled with colorful and diverse customs and culture. Besides if you would like to know about Balinese customs, you should also obey the traditional rules that apply there. Hence instagram spots […]

12 Best Beaches Near Kuta Lombok You Should Visit

Lombok is a place where you can find very original landscapes, active volcanoes, tobacco gardens, white sand beaches and other cultural properties owned by people living in the area on Lombok. There are many interesting things that you can enjoy there, one of which is the beauty of the beach that is not inferior to […]

12 Tips To Stay in Bali Island For Two Weeks

Visiting the island of Bali will give you many beautiful and memorable memories. Besides able to enjoy the beauty of nature, there are also some customs that are varying and full of uniqueness . You will never bored to come and visit Bali again. Besides the low cost, cheap accommodation and many other things makes […]

13 Tips To Stay in Lombok Island For One Week

Besides Bali, it turns out that the other island is also no less beautiful and amusing. The island is called Lombok, it is famous as the second Bali. There are many tourist attractions that are still natural, beautiful and also tempting to visit. The nature of the panorama and the beach are fabulous because it’s […]