7 Legendary Indonesian Soap Operas You Will Always Miss

Recently, Indonesian people are complaining about how uneducated the current soap operas are. They miss the legendary Indonesian soap operas that were entertaining and valuable since they talked about family, funny jokes, and touching love.  Let us teleport into the past and take a trip down to memory lane about the legendary Indonesian soap operas […]

Let’s Laugh With the 7 Most Hilarious Indonesian Comedy Groups

The popular entertainment for the majority of Indonesian is humor. The laughter delivered by TV shows, stand-up comedians, and more importantly, the most hilarious Indonesian comedy groups accompany the audience to fill their days.  There is a long list of comedian groups in Indonesia range from the legendary to the recent ones. Here are the […]

8 Cities With the Worst Traffic in Indonesia

Traffic jam has been the most problematic issue in developing countries including Indonesia. It is not surprising because cities with the worst traffic in Indonesia are the capital city of each province.  A study held by Traffic Scorecard resulted in the traffic jam in particular times impact in different areas. Traffic jam on the whole […]

7 Most Largest Churches in Indonesia You Must Visit

Even though the majority of people in Indonesia are Moslems, there is cultural diversity in any part of life such as tribes, races, languages, and religions. The most largest churches in Indonesia prove how distinct cultures in this archipelago do not negatively influence the existence of a certain religion, Christianity in this case. Moreover, it […]

7 Most Popular Indonesian Actors

Indonesia’s film industry has been growing for the past decade. It is because of the role of excellent and highly talented directors, scriptwriters, cameramen, and more importantly most popular Indonesian actors.  It is actors who show up to the screen and create whether good or bad impression to audiences. Some of the actors become highly […]

Reminiscing the 6 Legendary Television Quiz Shows in Indonesia

Nowadays, the main entertainment for people is social media such as YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook. However, about twenty years ago television had been an excellent entertainment for many people, especially Indonesians. There are soap operas, cartoons, and legendary television quiz shows in Indonesia. “At that time was good old days,” Indonesian people said. The […]

8 Most Famous Indonesian Dangdut Performers

If you are familiar with Bollywood music, it is quite similar to dangdut. Dangdut is very popular in Indonesia, Brunei, and Singapore. This folk music of Indonesia currently mixes it with disco music, hip hop or reggae because most Indonesian dangdut fans are youngsters. Dangdut is a stylistically combination of Hindustani, Arabic, and Malay Folk. […]

8 Most Successful Indonesian Athletes, Who Is Your Favorite?

Indonesia has many talents, particularly sports, who are universally well-known. Plenty of athletes get medals and become the milestones to bring Indonesia in the global arena. Not only do they receive the medals, but some also be awarded as the best in history. Those who conquer the major challenge to defeat other competitors are defined […]

Introducing 10 Most Popular Indonesian Superheroes

If America has a group of superheroes named Marvel’s The Avengers, Indonesia also has Bumilangit Cinematic Universe. Announced in 2019, Bumilangit Cinematic Universe shows the story of original Indonesian superheroes. There are nineteen characters in the story, here are the ten most popular Indonesian superheroes. 1. Gundala Putra Petir Gundala has an electric power just […]

9 Best State Universities in Indonesia

Approaching a new academic year in every August, high school students especially in the third year are usually looking for a higher level of education. The Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education ranked universities in Indonesia based on some areas they have worked on. Fortunately, they not only center these universities in Java but […]