5 Most Beautiful Cities in Indonesia

Our country of Indonesia is a large one—extending from Sabang to Merauke, filled with numerous lands and seas. Along this territorial of Indonesia lies 34 provinces, and a total of 98 cities. Enriched with diverse nature and many travel destinations, no wonder many cities in Indonesia have become a sophisticated place for tourism. Out of […]

10 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Batu City

Batu is a cool city near Malang, East Java, that has many charms and make everyone who visit there want to come back again. There are many places in Batu that attract the visitors and it became hits especially among youngster. Here are 10 most popular tourist attractions in Batu city that you need to […]

7 Things Only You Can Find in Jogja

Jogja is also know as Yogyakarta, it is popular among Indonesia that it is an unforgettable city. While in Jogja you can have budgeted backpacker trip or even have a luxurious holiday. There are a range of places, food and moments that you can have in Jogja, let us see 7 things only you can […]

14 Useful Tips When You Spend One Month in Bandung Indonesia

Having fun while enjoying your vacation in Bandung, there are many tourist attractions that can make you feel at home and satisfied in all things. In Bandung, it is indeed a favorite destination for Indonesians on vacation. Many vacation spots, unique, interesting, plus food and snacks that vary widely. The cool climate, as well as […]

13 Instagram Spots in Bali That People Don’t Know Yet

You who are into the world of photography are definitely looking for many views or interesting spots to capture. The development of media that can accommodate all of your cool shots like Facebook, Instagram, and other social media. To choose a good spot, you don’t need to visit abroad because there are many interesting spots […]

15 Useful Tips When You Spend One Week in Bali Indonesia

Talking about holidays on the island of Bali, there are definitely no bad words, it is very fun and makes beautiful memories. You are or will be on a trip to Bali, whether just for vacation, gathering, school, work or moving house. Surely you will get all positive impressions. Because Bali is the perfect place […]

15 Things You May Concern When You Live in Yogyakarta Indonesia

Wherever you live, whether in the village or the city, there is certainly a risk where you will feel at home or vice versa. For example, why many people choose Yogyakarta as their place to stay. There are many interesting things that people choose to settle there. The souvenirs that you must buy in Yogyakarta. Of course, […]

15 Useful Tips When You Spend Three Days in Jakarta Indonesia

There are many needs that can be done in the city of Jakarta, it can be for vacation reasons, seminars, gatherings, or other things. Jakarta is a busy, crowded city and is also the center of Indonesia’s economy. For those of you who are traveling to Jakarta for this purpose, and only stay in a […]

Top 10 Best Five Star Hotel in Bandung

Bandung is the capital of West Java with many stunning natural attractions. If you are familiar with Bandung, you are definitely no stranger to a cool city and friendly locals. Not only that, Bandung is also famous for some very tasty traditional Sundanese food. If you want to vacation in Bandung for a few days, […]

12 Things To Do in Bali For Young Adults

You are on vacation on the island of Bali, there are some interesting things that can be done to satisfy your curiosity in traveling. Some entertainment locations are amazing and can make you feel happy to linger there. The age of adolescence is an age where curiosity about anything is very large, so it is […]