Visit 10 Tourist Attraction in North Sumatera

North Sumatera is a treasure trove of Indonesia. It might not be as popular as Bali, Yogyakarta, or eastern Indonesia, but its tourism site can easily attract people from around the world. There are many types of its tourism product from cultural tourism, natural tourism, to eco-tourism that’s very common right now. With many potential […]

13 Best Place in Bali for Solo Traveler

Bali or the “island of the Gods”, serves a paradise for everyone. People can enjoy many activities in the island. Not only that, this place provides family activities in Bali Indonesia. Bali also famous as a wedding venue in Bali and very suitable for couples and honeymoon destinations. Moreover, the tropical haven is a great travel […]

13 Popular Leisure Activities in Indonesia

Indonesia has natural and cultural wealth that is not inexhaustible in exploration. In just one year someone will not be able to surround the islands in Indonesia which number nearly 17,000 islands. With so many islands spread, Indonesia is rich in language and culture. This is what distinguishes Indonesia from other neighboring countries. As a […]

Recommended Best Places in Indonesia for Backpackers

Vacationing in Indonesia is always been a great fun activity. Many people come to Indonesia especially to hunt the natural attractions that always being a primadona of this country. Not for casual tourists, Indonesia is also wonderful place to explore, especially for the ones who love to do an activity called backpacking. See also : […]