Recommended Best Places in Indonesia for Backpackers

Vacationing in Indonesia is always been a great fun activity. Many people come to Indonesia especially to hunt the natural attractions that always being a primadona of this country. Not for casual tourists, Indonesia is also wonderful place to explore, especially for the ones who love to do an activity called backpacking.

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Backpackers are thoughest tourists in the world. They can go basically everywhere in a particular area. You can detect them easily by looking at their backpacks, which is an important stuff that they should bring. Especially, they alwasy go for natural attraction only in the forms like lake, beach, or even hiking a mountain. So, coming to Indonesia is a very suitable choice they have, because it has so many natural ones that included in our list of best places in Indonesia below :

1. Bali Island

The first location that also being a favorite one is Bali island. Of course all of you already know what kind of place Bali is. Bali island is a top of tourism in Indonesia. Many kinds of tourists coming in here for many purposes. They do so many different things like trying the attractions there, learning about Hindhuism, and also doing a backpacking journey.

Bali offers so many kinds of stuff with affordable price, really perfect for backpackers. But, even though the price is low enough, their quality still as good as they can be. Tourism objects like Kuta beach, Gianyar, Nusa Dua, and many more. In Bali, the transportations also very accomodating the backpackers. They can have a ride through almost all areas in Bali with Trans Sarbagita.

2. Lombok Island

Next one is Lombok island. This island is known for having a lot of natural attractions. The situation around Lombok is also can be said as the most fresh one of all options on this lists. Blesses with many kinds of natural places, Lombok is also perfect for backpackers. Especially, the backpackers can have their daily need like foods or lodging at best price possible.

For the backpackers who want to depart from Bali island, they only need to take the ferry ship that will cost them for about Rp40.000,-. You can cross the sea easily with the help of that ship. It’s a four hours ride, so you can just rest peacefully beside waiting for your arrival. The top attractions on this island are Sendang Gila waterfall, Mount Rinjani, and Batu Bolong beach.

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3. Komodo Island

Do you ever heard about a legendary animal named Komodo? This Komodo is actually a dinasour that still lived until today, fresh and healthy. Inside the Komodo island, you can witness some of them, live freely in the wild lands of Komodo and other islands around it. For the backpacker, this will be a wonderful journey, because it’s now everyday you can see an exotice animal like this.

Like in the Jurassic Park, you can your friends can do a little journey to cross the Komodo island, with the help of a trustful guide of course. He or she will guide you, and show you how Komodo lives on the island along the way. So, be sure to pay attention and witness the greatness of the mother nature. Also, be always careful because sometimes it’s not that easy to notice where the Komodo actually is.

4. Karimun Java Islands

Moving from the great Komodo island, we want to give you some information about Karimun Java islands. Inside Karimun Java, there are several islands that you can explore further. It’s located on the northern side of Java island, Central Java province to be exact. The islands are perfect for backpacker because of so many kinds of watersport they have.

Karimunjava is also included as a very affordable island with so many benefits. All the beaches and diving locations in here can be reached with budget as cheap as possible. So, for the backpacker who have a tight budget, coming to Karimunjava islands is indeed a beautiful choice for them. They can do diving, snorkeling, or even just swimming on its clear water easily.

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5. Yogyakarta City

Next one, we’re going South from Karimunjava to a city, a very humble city called Yogyakarta. For the people who want to learn about Javanese art and culture, Yogyakarta is a perfect place to do that. In here, there’s a Keraton that still standing, having its own great history and myth contained inside. Sometimes, you can also see different processions inside Keraton.

Yogyakarta is also known as city that has everything affordable. Any type of attractions like religious, natural, shopping, and others are always having a very affordable price, at any moment. Coming here with some budget is heavenly because you can get so many things in here easily. The backpackers can explore the city without worrying that thier budget will be gone in a sec.

6. Bandung City

The next city on our list of the best places in Indonesia for backpackers is Bandung city. For the people who don’t know where Bandung is actually located, they can see it on the map of West Java. Bandung city is actually a capital city of that very province. It’s said that Bandung is the most colourful city of all cities in West Java. Thanks to its creative mayor.

Bandung city is also having large selections of attractions that really friendly in budget. For the backpackers, they can explore parts of the city like the famous Gedung Sate, the beautiful waterfalls, and city forest. Because of the cool weather it has, Bandung city is always so refreshing, especially for the people who live around busy city like Jakarta.

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7. Jakarta City

On the seventh position, we have Jakarta city. Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia, undoubtedly the busiest city in the country. But, even though the city looks very crowded and frustating because of its traffic jam, Jakarta city surprisingly has some wonderful places available for the backpackers out there who want to see how the capital of Indonesia really is.

Jakarta has some beautiful options of restaurants and cafes. They are usually located inside the malls of the town. It also has many historical attractions like Bank Indonesia Museum, National Museum, and also the famous Old Town Jakarta where people can see how the Jakarta then in colonial era. For the backpacker, exploring that part of city might be very important as a way to know and explore Jakarta city.

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8. Malang City

In the next one is Malang city, which is located on East Java Province. It’s actually the second biggest city in the province. But, even though it surely large enough, and improving to be a metropolitan city, the weather around it still very low. Even though during a day, it’s still cool out there. That’s why so many people love being in here.

Malang city undoubtedly has so many attractions available for the tourists. The natural attractions are available on the high lands, which is in the part of Batu. In there, you can try several popular venues like Jatim Park, Jatim Park 2, the on going Jatim Park 3, tea gardens, fruits gardens, and many more await.

9. Palembang City

As the ninth best places in Indonesia for backpackers is Palembang City. The city is part of a great Kingdom hundred years ago called Sriwijaya. In the city of Pempek, backpackers can have a very authentic culture learning when exploring the things like the museums that contain information about Sriwijaya Kingdom in the past.

Beside exploring the museums, and tasting the top meal of Palembang city which is Pempek, a traditional food that is known by basically everyone in Indonesia, the other thing you can do is taking a boat, and taking a ride to Ampera Bridge. This Indonesian Golden Gate Bridge is an icon of the city, and always eye catching during the night.

10. Solo City

For the tenth one, it’s time for Solo city, a city that is more affordable than Yogyakarta. Solo is also located in Central Java. Solo has many kinds of attraction in the historical, culture, culinary, and also modern one. With a price that really affordable, backpackers who travelling to Solo will be much happier because with a small amount of money, they can have basically everything.

The city has a potention to be a tourism city like Yogyakarta. Especially because of its history, the Old Mataram Kingdom that was standing in the area of this city. For the culinary, it’s recommended to taste one of the best central java cuisines called Gudeg. Many say that Gudeg in Solo is different from the one in Yogyakarta.

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Beside those places or locations mentioned above, we also have another list for you backpackers. The list consistsof four different locations starting from the wonderful Alor island, Flores, Islands in Nsua Tenggara area, to beautiful Semarang City, which is very welcome to the backpackers and also offering so many kinds of stuff in a very affordable price.

  1. Alor Island
  2. Semarang City
  3. Flores
  4. Nusa Tenggara Islands
  5. Tanjung Pinang

So that’s out article for today. All those places or venues that we have there are the best options you can get when backpacking in Indonesia.

View of Komodo Island