12 Unique Café in Jakarta with Wonderful Design

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. It means, it is the center of economic activity for most Indonesian people. More than 30% Indonesians live in Jakarta. Can you imagine how crowded is it? That is why it becomes the most city with the big reluctant of traffic jam. However, Jakarta is the heaven of […]

The Must Visit Cafes in Jakarta With 24 Opening Hours – The Best Ones

Back again to the capital city after we’re going around the country to find all the amazing things like best locations for snorkeling, best locations for diving must visit restaurants in particular city, and the must-try foods in areas like Surabaya, Yogyakarta, and Semarang. Now it’s time to back to work again. Read also: Famous […]

The Must Visit Cafes in Bandung West Java

So, as you can see on our articles earlier, the must try restaurants in Bandung West Java, you can understand that the city was improved to fit the lifestyle of Bandung people. With the modernization flow, many lands were changed into restaurants, cafes, and other entertainment places. With many buildings that exist now, the government […]