The Must Visit Cafes in Bandung West Java

So, as you can see on our articles earlier, the must try restaurants in Bandung West Java, you can understand that the city was improved to fit the lifestyle of Bandung people. With the modernization flow, many lands were changed into restaurants, cafes, and other entertainment places. With many buildings that exist now, the government can gain much profit from the tax.

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However, one of the favorite places is the cafe. The cafe is a really suitable place for hangout with friends. You and your friends can just do a meeting, doing some works together, brainstorming, relaxing, and many other activities. Some even come just for trying the coffee only. Seeing the opportunity in the market, many cafes were built in order to meet the demand of the market, and also can provide the people of Bandung with the best place to have some coffee and relaxing moments. So, if you want to know about the must visit cafes in Bandung city West Java, here’s some of them :

1 – Kalpa Tree Cafe

In the first one, we have this cafe named Kalpa Tree Cafe. As the usual cafes out there, this place is also being a favorite one for the teenagers, especially on the Saturday night. Nice varieties of menu and cozy place are the main strength of Kalpa Tree Cafe. However, this cafe is located in Bandung city, in Kiputih street number 32, Ciumbuleuitto be specific.

This cafe also located not far from the swimming pool, which can be used later on specific events, like the birthday party, etc. However, Kalpa Tree Cafe has two main floors. You can directly see the view of the swimming pool on the first floor. If you pick the second one, there’s a stylish lounge. The top dish of this cafe is Sop Buntut, instead of their coffees.

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2 – One Eighty Coffee and Music

The next place in the must visit cafes in Bandung is the One Eighty Coffee and Music. As you can guess from their name, this cafe uses two main elements, coffee the and music, and then combined them into one. The result is of course quite satisfying. Just like the cafe above, this One Eighty Coffee and Music also has the swimming pool view.

But, the best thing is not the only view. You can eat and enjoy the drinks in the middle of the swimming pool. Yep, right in the middle, not only just by it. This particular thing is actually the highlight of this cafe, because it’s not every day you can meet a cafe that can offer you the same exact thing.  Aside from enjoying the unique seating, you can also order some of their best foods such as Pizza Quarto Carni, Mince Meat, etc.

3 – Sejiwa Coffee

And then in the third place, we have this Sejiwa Coffee. The cafe is located in the Riau area of Bandung, on the street of Cimanuk number 2, Bandung. If the Riau area is usually filled with so many factory outlets, this cafe brings a new color to Riau. With the unique design, which is the minimalist glass house, SejiwaCoffee can always attract the customers.

The tables and chairs also very simple with mostly used wooden materials. Around it, you can also notice the dense trees. With those natural aspects, the visitors can feel how refreshing this place is, especially during a rainy season like this.

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4 – Cafe D’Pakar

So, in Bandung, nowt here are some cafes or restaurants that have the outdoor seating. They use the view of Bandung city as the selling point. No wonder that you can find a place like this in high lands of Bandung, like the hill areas for example. Cafe D’Pakaris one of them, a cafe that has the outdoor seating that located about 45minutes from the city of Bandung.

Even though the distance of it is indeed very far from the city, the trip to Cafe D’ Pakar is always so mesmerizing. The cafe is surrounded by the green trees, with the direct view of Bandung city right in front of the hill. In Cafe D’ Pakar, you can pick Western or Traditional Foods. But the most recommended one is Batagorof course, the traditional snack of Bandung.

5 – Chingu Cafe

We’re back to the city of Bandung again after visiting a place far away. In the city of Bandung, we want to tell you about this specific cafe named Chingu Cafe. Unlike others, theChingu Cafe can offer you the Korean atmosphere that you can’t find anywhere else. With the trend of K-Pop and K-Drama in this country, visiting this cafe would be a great idea.

Many aspects from this place do feel really Korean. For example, the ornaments inside the Chingu Cafe are usually related to K-Pop, plus the items like mailbox or lamp pole haveHangul letters on them. You can also rent the traditional Korean clothing for some pictures. Then, you can enjoy some stuff like Toppoki, Chicken Wings, and Mozarella French Fries.

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6 – Wild Grass

Again, for the natural kind of cafe, you can visit a place named Wild Grass. The place is indeed fulfilling its name as one of the best cafe that has the natural aspects around it. This bright cafe is also located around the dense trees in Kaerumbi street number 10 of Cimbuleuit, Bandung. The existence of trees is always making the cafe cooler, even in dry season.

In this cafe, you mailbox to enjoy the first floor, second floor, or the outdoor seating. Most people usually pick the outdoor seating because the situation around the Wild Grasscafe is always enjoyable. From the menu, the customers can choose Cajun GrilledChicken and also the Mashed Potato for more nutrition.

7 – Sydwic

The next one in must visit cafes in Bandung is Sydwic.  Sydwic is a small cafe that located in theCilaku street number 63, Bandung. It’s also located in Riau area, just like a cafe above. The place looks very simple with its white color and the additional lamps upon each table. Beside the tables is the green vegetation.

The small size is not a problem for Sydwic. The cafe can give a wonderful experience by serving the best menu that the visitors can enjoy such as coffee and Affogato. People do come in here just for hangout and meeting basically. They can also have a dinner by ordering some dish like a portion of Ribs, which is both affordable and delicious.

8 – Orofi Cafe

If you ever wanted to visit a cafe in Italy, then the Orofi Cafe can be the perfect choice for you. It’s decorated nicely with the white color on basically everything. The tables, chairs, and even the counters look so white clean. The color also combined with the green environment around, making it better.

However, the people are coming to Orofi Cafe mostly for its desserts. For example, you can enjoy the Waffle with ice cream topping and also the Poffertjes that completed with sugar, ice cream, and almond. If you want to visit it, just go to the LembahPakar Timur street number 99 in Dago Pakar, Bandung.

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9 – Congo

For the art cafe, we have the Congo on the list. Congo Gallery and Cafe located in Rancakendal Luburstreet number 8, Dago Pakar, Bandung. It serves three main categories of dishes, the western, Asian, Indonesian. The Congo cafe also has the full bar available, smoking area, praying room, and also the outdoor seating.

For the menu, this restaurant has some of the best ones, such as Meltique Rib Eye that served with mashed potato and luxury vegetables, Congo and Caesar’s Salad with lettuce and cheese, Lemongrass Beef, an even the Indonesian foods like Bakso Kuah,Gado-gado, Sup Ikan (Fish Soup), Tahu Pletok, Bala-Bala, and many more.

As you can see, there are nine recommended cafes that you should visit when you have your free time. If they are not enough, we also have another list that containing the other must visit cafes in Bandung West Java :

1. Sierra

2. Api Unggun

3. Yoghurt Cisangkuy

4. The Peak

5. Atmosphere Resort Cafe

6. Upper East Cafe

7. Bober Cafe

The must visit cafes in Bandung West Java are indeed the best places for spending times. Especially because most of them are having their own plus points which different to each other, making they are very special in some ways. Trying one cafe and switch to another is an okay thing to do, but you should remember that the amount of caffeine consumed should be safe enough for your body. Other than that, have a nice trip!