10 Best Bali Party Places

Visiting Bali is a dream for some people. That is why many tourists that visit Bali. Bali is the island of vacations. You can find everything there.  While you want to release your stress, you can find a kind of place for a stand night party. Here are the list of best Bali Party Places […]

10 Most Popular Night Clubs in Medan

Medan is a city in North Sumatra that is famous for its Batak tribe. Medan Sumatra became a strategic place for being on the Malacca Strait shipping lane. Thus, this city became the gateway of domestic and foreign economic activities through the Malacca Strait. The city is also a foreign tourist destination or local because […]

15 Famous Night Clubs in Batam Indonesia

Batam as a free trade zone launched by the Government of Indonesia since 1973 has actually been far seen how Indonesia will be perceived by competitor countries will be able to seize the international market. Not only because of facilities  provided by the government, but also a very strategic geographic location. Therefore, Batam and the […]