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15 Famous Night Clubs in Batam Indonesia

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Batam as a free trade zone launched by the Government of Indonesia since 1973 has actually been far seen how Indonesia will be perceived by competitor countries will be able to seize the international market.


Not only because of facilities  provided by the government, but also a very strategic geographic location. Therefore, Batam and the surrounding islands are designated as national strategic areas not only in economic terms, but also in terms of security and defense. If visiting Batam, often foreign tourists visit the club and night entertainment. Here is a list of night clubs in Batam Indonesia.

  1. No Name Bar

For those who are looking for a clubbing place with a lively and excited live music in Nagoya, the No Name Bar located at Hotel Harmoni is the most popular location for live music where many local bands and artists from Jakarta often perform in this place. The location of this bar is on Jl. Imam Bonjol No.1, Nagoya, Lubuk Baja, Riau.

  1. SQuare Club & KTV

It is located on Baloi Kusuma Indah Street no 7 in Batam. This place offers not only clubbing and DJ dancing, but also café and karaokein KTV. The KTV plays Chinese, Japanese, Korean and western songs with large screens and has dance floors such as KTV Memory and Hawai KTV. In this bar, you can try some creative cuisine with a sense of high class, a variety of light, and heavy meals menu that you can order. You can also find their special monthly cocktail.

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  1. Pacific Discotheques

The place is located inside of Hotel Pacific Palace building of Batam. The discotheques of Pacifik began operating since 2003 or about 15 years ago. In addition to being the largest discotheque in Batam, the Pacific Club is also the top entertainment venue in the night entertainment world. Besides the clubber, Discotheque Pacific is known by guests from various cities who come to Batam. This club is able to accommodate 3,000 to 4,000 visitors. The bad news, the discotheque is rumored to have closed in early 2018.

  1. M One Club

M One Club located at M One Hotel (Harbor Bay Batam, Batu Ampar) is an entertainment venue that features quality live music with stunning performance from local and international DJs. Inside the hotel there are also other entertainment facilities such as karaoke, billiard, pool bar and spa. The party and DJ place in this famous bar is very good and sexy.

  1. Double Two Pub

Double2 Pub offers different entertainment options for nightlife lovers in Batam. Located in the center of the city, precisely on the ground floor of Newton Hotel & Spa Nagoya, Double 2 pub is ready to offer entertainment options with the artist of the capital to the famous DJ. For those of you who want to experience different entertainment, visit Double 2 Pub. There is even a reservation can make Double 2 Pub Newton Hotel & Spa Batam.

  1. Newton Batam

Newton Is a hotel located at Komplek Nagoya Center, Jl. Comp. Nagoya City Walk, Batam City, Riau. Newton has a very famous entertainment Club Discotheque, located on the 5th floor. It will make your night a great and memorable during the stay here, with a dish of music from a famous DJ of choice. You can enjoy and spend your night with fabulous cocktails and sexy DJ.

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  1. F1 Club

F1 Club is located at Planet Holiday Hotel, Ground Floor No. 3 (Jalan Raja Ali Haji, Sei Jodoh) is a place of entertainment that often organizes quality events and bring in national artists from Jakarta. The nightclubs also often bring in talented domestic and foreign DJs to produce quality music booms that entertain the clubber to enjoy the night. In certain events, often also held promos and discounts for certain drinks such as beer and cocktail. This discotheque can accommodate up to 400 visitors.

  1. Sphinx

Sphinx is a famous club in Batam located at the Hotel Seruni, Nagoya Garden Phase II, Nagoya Batam. It is a place of entertainment featuring a variety of music ranging from techno to house music which sometimes combined by the appearance of international and local DJs that make the atmosphere more festive night.

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  1. Kampung Bule

Nightlife in Kampung Bule, Nagoya Batam, ternyat not just see the girls dressed sexy in front of the doors of bars and pubs alone. The location of this disco is touted as a mini “Red Light Distric” Batam which provides prostitution services despite the prohibition but still done openly and unabashedly. Even the naming of places of entertainment here is sexually connoting.

The area contains nightlife spots like bars and pubs, there are only a few food restaurants that still provide alcoholic beverages. The crowd in Kampung Bule is not only occurred in the weekend, but almost every night.

  1. A Go Go Bar

There is an entertainment venue providing a la “A Go Go” bar similar to Pattaya, Thailand. A Go Go is a kind of bar that offers striptease stripper nude dance. Unlike in Pattaya, A Go Go bar is free, well in Kampung Bule is hidden. Even to enter it must through the back door of a bar.

The atmosphere is not sparkling. It seems a bit dirty. Inside are crowded hostesses. There is a stage which looks like this is a dance floor, providing some of the glossy round poles commonly used by strippers on A Go Go.

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Other Clubs (11-15)

  1. Ratu Platinum: It is a nightclub, Karaoke Bar, and Pub. It will be interesting to visit when you need entertainment in Batam. The Ratu platinum located at ALLIUM Hotel which is located at Nagoya Panorama Complex, Riau Islands.
  2. P3 (Planet Tiga): This one night spot will make your night a cool one. You can enjoy beautiful and sexy Dj music. P3 having address at Nagoya City Center Phase II Block B No. 88 (Nagoya), Batam, Riau.
  3. Planet Holiday: It is a hotel located at Jalan Raja Ali Haji, Sei Jodoh, Riau Islands. It also has a discotheque that is not less exciting to spend your night at the weekend.
  4. Holiday Inn: It is actually the name of hotel which contains a pub on it. This area is easily accessible from Singapore by ferry via ferry terminal with distance of about 20 minutes.
  5. Danny’s Bar: Besides a cool night club, this place also provides a variety of alcoholic beverages such as cocktails, beer, wine and others at quite affordable prices.

Those are the night clubs in Batam. These clubs are famous since Batam firstly launched of the international free trading in Indonesia. Many foreigners frequently visit some of the clubs above.

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