10 Most Popular Night Clubs in Medan

Medan is a city in North Sumatra that is famous for its Batak tribe. Medan Sumatra became a strategic place for being on the Malacca Strait shipping lane. Thus, this city became the gateway of domestic and foreign economic activities through the Malacca Strait. The city is also a foreign tourist destination or local because it is located close to Lake Toba.

Because often visited by foreign tourists, Medan has many night club venues. In this place the youth and foreign tourists spend their nights. The available facilities are also various. The following is the most popular night clubs in Medan you need to visit.

1. Millennium Three

Discotheque M3 or Millennium Three is located on the 10th floor of the Thamrin Square. It has a very strategic location in the center of the field. Reportedly, this disciotic is actually a private discotheque by the owner, but is open to the public. Discotheque M3 is The Discotheque Legend in the field and nightspots that have long been operating and known by young people to parents.

For the clubbers side interest who are visiting the city of Medan this place is perfect for you. You can come to M3 discotheque at Jalan Thamrin Medan or in territory Thamrin Square with first drink Rp 30.000. Enter it from the parking lot using the elevator to the 10th floor square of Thamrin, because court Thamrin was closed.

2. Entrance

Entrance is located on Balai Kota Street, precisely at Amazing Aston City Corridor Medan close to Medan’s free field. This entertainment venue is very much in demand for the field boy with the feel of Stupor song that really touches your heart. Entrance is also a fairly elite place and many visited by people from the top and the artist.

For the price of food and drinks in the entrance is also included in the expensive category. So you have to spend deeper to be able to enjoy food or drink here. So the for those clubbers lovers, you can come and visit this place when to Medan.

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3. New zone

The night life venue located on Wajir Road Medan is also a well-known place. It’s been long enough to operate in the city of Medan. Here you can enjoy the atmosphere in Ktv and Barnya quite pleasant. Music in the New Zone is music A kind of music house but with South Nothing Or commonly called Funkot Breakbeat.

The price of foods and beverages in New Zone is also relatively cheap and suitable for the pockets of young people who like to go clubbing. This place is quite cheap to relieve your stress in Medan overnight.

4. X3 Club Executive Entertainment

X3 is located on the 6th floor of Yang Lim Court, on Jalan Emas. In this place there is a discotheque and karaoke named X3. For lovers clubbing, must have or often hang out in this place. Nuance of EDM songs and a perfect atmosphere for clubbers, making this place always crowded even at weekdays.

Food and drinks that exist in this place also varied. For clubbers, if you are in Medan, do not forget to visit this entertainment venue. You will never regret.

5. Tobasa Club

Tobasa Club is located at Lake Toba Hotel, Jl. Imam Bonjol Medan no. 17 Medan. It is one of the city’s famous nightclubs that often feature famous DJs from Jakarta especially at certain events that enliven the night to hypnotize the clubber.

It was opened since 2008. Tobasa Clun was once the most popular place visited by foreigners or expatriates with hours of operation from 8 pm to over 3 am. You can also enjoy a variety of cocktails and delicious snacks at very affordable prices.

6. Soho Resto and Bar Capital Building Medan

Social House or Soho Restaurant, Bar & Wine is located in Capital Building building, 2nd floor Jl. Putri Hijau no.1A Medan offers a variety of Indonesian and Western food dishes with alcoholic beverages such as cocktails and wine at friendly prices.

This place often gives promo at certain times like Wednesday for ladies nite where every woman get 1 glass of cocktail after buying certain beverage. On Monday, you will get a discount or discount of 20%. Soho is indeed a recommended place as a suitable location for a romantic dinner while enjoying the music and the atmosphere of the evening.

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7. Retrospective Entertainment Club Medan

Retrospective Entertainment Club is located in Capital Building, Jalan Putri Hijau No. 11A, Medan. It is one of the nightspots that often organize certain music events by bringing in national singers and famous DJs in Indonesia and Philippines. Each event usually lasts from 9 pm to complete. For those clubbing lovers, you can spend your night in this place to simply eliminate fatigue and taste some of the cocktails provided.

8. Jet Plane

Jet Plane Karaoke or Music Room with address on the ground floor (basement) Plaza Medan Fair, Jalan Jend Gatot Subroto 30 is one of the exclusive and famous karaoke venue in Medan where its interior design applies many aircraft cabin ornaments and its servants use uniforms such as pilots or flight attendants.

This is not an ordinary karaoke place because every room is so spacious that it is like a private party world or clubbing. This place is open from afternoon until 5 am. But this place is often reported related to the problem of drugs. For lovers of clubing, you can spend your night in this place to simply eliminate fatigue and taste some of the cocktails provided.

9. Elegant KTV

The most famous entertainment venues in the field are Elegant Ktv, Spa and Hotel, this entertainment venue is located at Jl. Waringin no 2/16 D-H (Jl Gatot Subroto, Medan). Besides providing KTV, Elegant also provides hotel and spa. Elegant also became one of the nightspots visited by people who have more economy because elegant is a fairly elite place in the field.

When you enter this entertainment venue you can hear the sound of a very pleasant musical sound. For those clubbers who want to make a party, this place could be reserved.

10. Heaven Hell

Often called H2, Heaven Hell is a place that provides KTV clubbing pool. It is located on Jalan Perisai plaza (Jalan Pegadaian), Medan, Sumatra, Indonesia. This place is very much liked by the child field. Not only providing professional DJ in playing songs and sexy dancer, but also often given nuance or moment-event that is very interesting. The price that you must pay is also not so expensive. It is suitable for groups of young people whose hobbies are clubbing and party.

Those are the night clubs that are available in Medan. Some people might enjoy them to loss the stress of work during the day. However, you have to be careful not to use any drug here. The regulation about drugs in Indonesia is very strict.

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