Simple Steps How to Apply for Indonesian KITAS

For certain purposes, it is important for you to know the importance of KITAS (now ITAS) in Indonesia. This KITAS (Limited Stay Permit) is required if you want to work and live in the territory of Indonesia for a longer time as a foreigner. KITAS can be updated if needed. In the new Immigration Regulation […]

10 Quick Steps How to Get Indonesian Driving License For Foreigner

SIM is proof of registration and identification provided by the National Police to someone who has met administrative requirements, physically and mentally healthy. People who already have a SIM are considered to have understood the traffic regulations and are skilled at driving a motorized vehicle. The SIM indicates that you are fit to drive a […]

12 Different Immigrant Lifestyle in Indonesia

Indonesia is a country that gives the freedom with some requirements for foreign people stay in Indonesia. If your reason staying Indonesia is for working, you might stay in this country for some periods of time. However, if our staying purpose in Indonesia is for studying, you can go home after your studying has finished. […]

8 Simple Steps of How to get Indonesian Citizenship

There are several ways that people become Indonesian citizens. Broadly speaking, there are two principles of birth that are used to determine one’s nationality. First, ius soli sees nationality based on where a person is born. Second, ius sanguinis is based on citizenship because of blood ties. Under Law No. 12 of 2006 concerning the […]

10 Steps How to Get Married in Indonesia for Foreigners

For couples who will get married, various preparations related to the marriage will be very time-consuming them. There are many things that must be prepared from the beginning, including the fulfillment of various mandatory requirements for the marriage itself. Moreover, for special couple who has different citizenship. Here are some tips how to get married […]

12 Ways How to Work in Bali as Foreigner

As one of the world’s tourist destinations, Bali is an open area. There are many visitors or foreigners that want to stay in Bali for a while. Even, there are also a number of foreigners who wants to work in Bali for some period of time or permanently. If you do so, you should notice […]