12 Different Immigrant Lifestyle in Indonesia

Indonesia is a country that gives the freedom with some requirements for foreign people stay in Indonesia. If your reason staying Indonesia is for working, you might stay in this country for some periods of time. However, if our staying purpose in Indonesia is for studying, you can go home after your studying has finished.

Just for your information, the number of immigrant in Indonesia is fantastically raising after the government revoke the long rule toward foreign worker. It is because Indonesia is on progress of developing a country that is why it needs so many supports from other countries. The bad news is, the foreign worker must come back to the country after 2 years working in Indonesia.

  1. Going to beach for sunbathing

Most immigrants in Indonesia would likely to go the beach for the vacation. It is because they like the beach in Indonesia which has the forever sunshine. It means, they can sunbath as long as they can. By sunbathing, they can refresh mind. They can also darken the skin under the hot sun. For foreigners, especially those living in Europe, darker people are believed to be rich. Because they are considered to have a lot of money and time to go sunbathing to the beach or take a walk to various tourist attractions. So that it becomes natural if their skin becomes darker.

Many Europeans also think that brown skin is healthy skin. Why? Because by basking in the sun, the need for vitamin D in the body will be fulfilled.

  1. Sunglasses is a must

Most immigrants love to use sunglasses, especially American or European. This is because their eyes are blue, green or brown. So if you have lunch you need to wear sun glasses. Remember that blue eyes are not as strong as black eyes when exposed to direct sunlight. That’s why people with eyes other than black are often seen wearing sun glasses. So, it could be said, the use of these sunglasses to avoid dazzling sunshine, not the fashion style.

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  1. Eat salad for lunch

Immigrants in Indonesia often look eating salad instead of rice for lunch. Although there is lunch box from office as a worker, they choose to order salad. It is because some Indonesian typical cuisine has too much calories and doesn’t contain the proportional nutrition. That is why immigrants in Indonesia like to order healthy food like salad or foods for lunch.

  1. Walking as long as it is possible

Some foreigners who live in Indonesia prefer walk to go to everywhere to use motorcycle or car. It is because the habit in their country. Walking through the city is a common thing. Meanwhile here in Indonesia walking in a sidewalk looks little bit strange since there are many crazy motor biker who ride their motorbike on sidewalk. Even more, some of immigrants admit that it is frightening to drive a car in Indonesia since the traffic system is not well arranged.

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  1. Working out at least once in a week

Some expats or immigrants in Indonesia like to exercise to burn the fat during weekend. In their opinion, working out to burn the fat is important. The usually go to fitness center in the weekend and treat the muscle. By doing this routinely, they can get the ideal weight of their body. It also can make their body become fitter during weekdays. If they don’t have time to go fitness center, they can do some heavy workout at home.

  1. Hanging out in a club

The places where you can see many immigrants is the night club. They like to order wine or alcohol to warm their body. They can feel relax during the night with the musical disco that beat really hard in the club. Not only that, they usually meet their friends in this place. Club is the place where they could meet their fellows as the same immigrant or expats.

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  1. Casual outfit

Immigrants are always looking good with the casual outfit. Especially when they take a vacation in a tourism place, they will prefer wear casual outfit. It is because they want to wear the comfort clothing during their trip. And also, casual outfits can absorb the sweat very well. Moreover, casual outfit could be used in both formal and informal condition. That is why there are many expats who wear casual outfit when they are working.

  1. Reading a book in a the train

Book for immigrant is a must. They would rather read a book in the train than play their gadget. That is why it is believed that immigrants in Indonesia are so many times smarter than the local people. For some immigrants, time is the knowledge. Moreover, they stay in Indonesia for doing research or continuing their study. The immigrants will precisely hit so many books to be read during their travel. It is good style, right?

  1. Go everywhere alone is okay

Different to local people who like to live in a community, immigrant is usually like to be alone. Maybe once or twice they look together with friends. However, for their own business, as the example buying foods, buying sanitary tools in the shop, or even travelling, they prefer go alone. It is because the habit of modern country who likes to be individual and independent. It doesn’t mean they are not sociable, but their independence is really good.

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  1. Travelling is a must

Travelling for immigrants in Indonesia is a compulsory. Visiting Indonesia without taking some vacation is just useless for them. Traveling for foreign people is a form of relaxation. That is why the like to travel and hang out in Indonesia.

  1. Prefer to live in apartment

Immigrant in Indonesia would likely stay in apartment in Indonesia. Staying apartment means more safe than if they say in a house. It is because they got used to live in an urban area in their hometown. Staying in apartment makes them easier to go everywhere, especially while going for order food online.

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  1. Workaholic

One that employer like immigrant workers is most of them are workaholic. They like to work and sometimes don’t want to stop to work in a day. They always have a high willingness to stay over time for working. Some who likes to work could work more than 12 hours in a day without stop. Is workaholic good or bad lifestyle? I think it can be both bad and good.

Those are some immigrant lifestyle in Indonesia. If you want to become an expat in Indonesia, you have to compete with other expats with the high quality of life. However, believe me that staying in Indonesia never could be a worse mistake.