5 Deadliest Diseases in Indonesia

Human’s health is always an important aspect of life, and it is highly dependent with our daily lifestyles. Although some diseases which eventually disturb our health may be genetically-driven, but it becomes more possible for people to catch diseases as a result of abandoning healthy lifestyles throughout their daily activities. While death is inevitable, some […]

10 Embarrassing Facts of Corruption in Indonesia

Corruption is very difficult to eradicate in any part of the world. Corruption in Indonesia develops systemically. For many people corruption is no longer a violation of law, but merely a habit. In all comparative studies of corruption between countries, Indonesia always occupies the lowest position. This situation can cause the eradication of corruption in […]

9 Elite Indonesian Special Force

Military forces or defense forces are the elite forces that are most reliable in maintaining the sovereignty of a country. So it’s no wonder, so many countries are trying to optimize human resources and military equipment so that their country is respected by the enemy. The troops like this are required to master many things, […]

Simple Steps How to Apply for Indonesian KITAS

For certain purposes, it is important for you to know the importance of KITAS (now ITAS) in Indonesia. This KITAS (Limited Stay Permit) is required if you want to work and live in the territory of Indonesia for a longer time as a foreigner. KITAS can be updated if needed. In the new Immigration Regulation […]

10 Quick Steps How to Get Indonesian Driving License For Foreigner

SIM is proof of registration and identification provided by the National Police to someone who has met administrative requirements, physically and mentally healthy. People who already have a SIM are considered to have understood the traffic regulations and are skilled at driving a motorized vehicle. The SIM indicates that you are fit to drive a […]

8 Simple Steps of How to get Indonesian Citizenship

There are several ways that people become Indonesian citizens. Broadly speaking, there are two principles of birth that are used to determine one’s nationality. First, ius soli sees nationality based on where a person is born. Second, ius sanguinis is based on citizenship because of blood ties. Under Law No. 12 of 2006 concerning the […]

Important Ways on How to Get KTP indonesia

Indonesian law is very strict when it comes to people living in Indonesia, particularly foreigners. There are many foreign rules in Indonesia for those living, studying or working in Indonesia.  The government requires every foreigner to possess identity documents issued by the Civil Registry (Dinas Kependudukan dan Catatan Sipil). If you fail to follow these rules, […]

10 Types of Punishment in Indonesia (#9 is Extreme)

The law in Indonesia is a mixture of the European legal system, religious law, and customary law. Most of the systems adopted, both civil and criminal are based on European law, especially from the Netherlands because of the historical aspects of Indonesia’s past which are colonies with the Dutch Indies (Nederlandsch-Indie). Indonesia also regulates various […]

15 Different Types of Police in Indonesia

The National Police of the Republic of Indonesia is the National Police, which is a unity responsible in upholding the security and order of society, upholding the law, and providing protection, protection, and service to the public in order to maintain domestic security. Due to the extremely heavy police duties, the Indonesian Police are divided […]

8 Biggest Shipyard Industries in Indonesia

The shipyard is a place designed to repair and make ships. These ships can be in the form of cruise ships / yachts, military fleets, cruise lines, freight planes or passengers. Countries with the ability to build large shipbuilding industries are: South Korea, Japan and the People’s Republic of China. The shipbuilding industry in Europe […]