17 Indonesian Cultural Norms You Have to Know

Cultural norms are the unwritten rules that people do on a day to day basis. They serve as guidance for people. The norms teach people how to act and speak in society. They are either taught by parents or picked up through the social environment. In Indonesia, the cultural norms are particularly strong. People stick […]

25 General Attitudes in Indonesia

With 261 million people living in Indonesia, unique behaviours and personalities are bound to merge into one. These people live and interact with each other and also the whole world. The connections that they make throughout their lives will create certain behaviours that are carried out by almost everyone in the country. To know what […]

12 Useful Tips of How to Live Cheap in Indonesia

Living in Indonesia could be a dream for several people. This country  offers much experiences for those who like to stay. Moreover, it is no wonder that Indonesia is a home for many foreigners. The cost of living in Indonesia is considered as the lowest in South Asia. However, if you are foreigner and decide […]

School Life in Indonesia – Characteristics – Habits

Attending primary school until high school is a must for most children all over the world. Children attend school to gain knowledge and education that they need throughout their lives. They learn about the world around them as well as increasing their skills that could help them advance to higher level of education. Each country […]