5 Best Christian Universities in Indonesia

As a nation dominated by Muslim believers, the tolerant country of Indonesia does not close the opportunity for its citizens to have Christian-based education institutions as their place for university studies. Besides, not only that these Christian universities are present for its believers, other non-Christians may also be interested to enroll for certain disciplinaries it […]

9 Best State Universities in Indonesia

Approaching a new academic year in every August, high school students especially in the third year are usually looking for a higher level of education. The Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education ranked universities in Indonesia based on some areas they have worked on. Fortunately, they not only center these universities in Java but […]

5 Beautiful Words in Madura: Wise and Meaningful Phrases

When Madura city mentioned, mostly people will think about its famous food; Madura satay. But actually, Madura not only known for its food but also its beautiful phrases. Those phrases are wise and meaningful enough for us to take it as some life lessons. Here are 5 beautiful words in Madura: wise and meaningful phrases […]

Recognize Congklak, A Traditional Game From Indonesia

Indonesia has various kind of traditional games. It derives from generation to generation to teach children respect, togetherness, and kindness. Each of traditional game in Indonesia has its own philosophy. For example, Lompat Tali (Rope Jumping) teaches Indonesian children that life is full of challenge. Once you accomplish a level in rope jumping, another challenge […]

The 13 Causes of Low Vision and Blindness in Rural Indonesia : Social and Medical Approaches

As humans, we are blessed with so many things God gives to us. Aside from giving us wealth, He also gives us the more important things, our senses. We have five main senses, touch, hearing, sight, taste, and also smell. All of them are, of course, really important to our life, especially the eyes. Related […]

14 Causes of Housing Shortage in Jakarta : The Main Obstacles

In the previous article, we talked about the main problem that can be found in the capital city of Indonesia, which is the traffic congestion or traffic jam. It’s really troublesome for many people around the city, especially for the morning productive routine. However, the congestion is not the only problem this city has. Related […]

Money Saving Tips for Backpackers When in Indonesia : 18 Appliable Tips

Visiting another country would be another remarkable journey. And thanks to the technology these days, we can look at another part of the world with much ease, exploring the locations we’ve never visited before. Sometimes, those places lead someone to actually visit them and get to know them himself. Related topics: Must Buy Items When […]

List of 14 Universities in Indonesia for International Students – Best Ones for You

Aside from all things, education is still being an important aspect of our life. Just like a wise man once said, learning is not based on the age of someone. It’s only because in the want to expand our head for new information. Especially in the industrial age like this that reaching its 4.0 where […]

14 Tips to Do Scuba Diving in Gili Trawangan Indonesia – All You Need to Know

If you’re talking about the best diving locations around Indonesia, you can have some names mentioned like Lombok, Raja Ampat, and also one location that still being a primadonna for diving called Gili Trawangan. As a member of many Gilis, Gili Trawangan can be said to be the best diving location in the country. Related […]

21 Easy and Applicable Tips to Rent Villa in Bali

Hello folks. Back again to the Facts of Indonesia.com, a place where you can see so many colorful information about the country that we always love, Indonesia. So, during the past week, we shared some information regarding of traveling tips. Now, we also want to do the same thing by adding in some stuff. Read […]